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SOLD Before She Was Listed.




From Sheryl:  SALE-87 is the last sale doll we will have on Saucy Walker's Corner. It indeed has been a pleasure working with so many women in America and Internationally.  We have felt your joy when you have received our Saucy Walker Doll/Dolls and are blessed to know you.  We will only be concentrating on the IDEAL 22" Saucy Walker's Corner eye repair and Dr. Hubby's repair on the body such as cracks and whatever she needs body wise that needs repair.  Please see and hear his avatar on our Doll Hospital page.  Also read the "Send In" Form as well and a sample of that form is on our Information page here:

We thank each and everyone of you for your friendship and your business.

God Bless All Of You!!

SOLD Before Listing SOLD SOLD  She Has A Loving Home


 She Has A New Mommy Now.


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