1952  Saucy Walker (Look-A-Like) 23" Named " Rachael" Manufactured By IDEAL Toy Corp. and Sold by Sears. (This is determined only by the many hours of research by us)  She is in her original dress as explained below the photos. She has a Mohair wig over a molded hair plastic head. (Also explained in the details below the photos at the bottom of this page.  (Please Don't miss the description)

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Read why the safety pins in our detailed description below.
Rachael's Little Friends While She Waits. Covers Keep Any Dust Off Of Them.

Description From Sheryl Of Her Restoration

We have Dated Rachael to be a Mohair Saucy Walker Look-A-Like between the years 1949-1952.  Sears sold Mohair dolls until the Christmas of 1953 Sears Ads when Saran hair was the buzzword in the 1953 Wishbook.

Sears also was IDEAL'S largest buyers of dolls.

IDEAL TOY CORP. was known to have quality plastic back then and I was glad to find out that they manufactured this doll.  The clothing was all under the watchful eyes of Mary Maidenburger between the 1930's until the 1970's.  She was "Katz's assistant as well.  So Rachael's dress had to have been made by IDEAL as well. (Dress explanation below)

IDEAL's earliest dolls had molded heads. Rachael has a molded head under her once stapled (Not Glued)  Mohair wig. The molded hair in detail is one way to ID an unmarked doll of this era by IDEAL.

The tummy grill on this doll is said to be manufactured by IDEAL (Source: "Hard Plastic Dolls" By Polly and Pam Judd.) (I was introduced to this book by the IDEAL BOOK Author, Judith Izen)

Also: We gained her ID because of this doll below with the same tummy Grill except she has a vinyl head and her knees are bendable unlike this doll above: (Notice the Tummy Grills on ours and the Customer's Doll)

Rachael 23" (Hard Face) Customer Doll (Vinyl Face) 23" Sears Happi-Time 23"
Straight Legs Bendable knees Bendable knees

None-the-less Rachael has been a very interesting doll for us.  She was donated to us from a lady by the name of Beth who sent her to us because she had no room to store her. However she has decided she wants her back and is buying her back from us for all we have done for her Mother's doll and she is thrilled to welcome her back. Her mother owned the doll and had passed away in the 1990's.

Rachael's hair as mentioned above is Mohair.  Because of the stitching on the wig the hair had gotten messed up at the top of her head in play time.  We found out the wig was stapled to the head so we easily took it off and re-worked the hair by taking the stitches off in the back were the hair had tangled, we washed the hair very carefully and then re-stitched it and glued the wig back on over the molded hair which she has now under the wig.  They made more money on the wigged dolls so instead of the molded hair they put the wigs over them on many dolls.  We feel that she looked similar to this when she was sold.

Rachael's dress came to us on her and we looked at it pretty close to determine it must have been her original as it does not appear to be "Mommy sewn".  She possibly had the black leatherette shoes but we placed the Fairyland vinyl shoes on her instead.  They walk so much better in the vinyl shoe.

We have done repairs to the dress such as the seam down the openings in the back and the new tiny elastic in the sleeves because they were relaxed after being stored for so many years. She came with the dress being closed in the back with a rusted safety pin. The ONESIE on the IDEAL Saucy Walker dolls had a safety pin on them as well from IDEAL.  So we followed that idea and added pins as you can see in the photos.  We also added a double sided white satin ribbon as a sash to match her bows. We stiffen the bows for a longer life on display.  If not bows seem to sink and loose that beautiful shape in time.

We chose the white ribbon because Beth may want to buy her a newer dress at a later date and white goes with every color. We added the new petticoat with attached panties. Also her replacement socks from Spain.

I love the way her walking mechanism works and so well hidden inside of her verses the metal pin in the hip as Saucy Walker Dolls have. She reminds me of a cross between the Paris Rita dolls and The gorgeous wide hips of the Raving Beauty Dolls.

Dr, Hubby found her to have a perfect walking ability so no repairs were needed.  He blushed her knees, cheeks and added eye shadow very lightly to bring out the beauty of her eyes. Her arms were replaced with IDEAL arms because one of her hands was broken beyond repair. The hand have original blushing and the knuckles are not colored for some reason. We decided not to paint over them. We replaced her lashes.

Rachael has a felt tongue with her original teeth and I do believe her face mold is identical to the Saucy Walker 22". (even the pointed scalp on this doll is like the Saucy Walker as well)

Here is what she appeared like when we received her:

Rachael is now an adorable 23" doll in the real and we know Beth loves her. She comes back to Beth on the new Kaiser Doll stand that is shown in the photos.


Thank you so much for your interest.


Just a Note From Sheryl:

Our pricing on the dolls we sell are as reasonable as we can make them keeping in mind all the days and hours and top notch supplies it takes to get the dolls like new.  I say this because many who might not know of our reputation and may not take this into consideration and somehow forget that we have had to also purchase the doll as well and the quality Saucy Walker is getting more expensive as the time passes.  We are the only ones who offer the things that we do such as our own invented eye platforms to prevent the rolling and sinking of the eyes that Saucy Walker dolls are so famous for doing after 50 years of storage.  A new doll stand has always been sent out with each of our dolls and the replica hang tag that in time is expensive as well. From our site we also offer Lay-a-way on many of them and/or the Hold Doll option.

We do not have Saucy Walker dolls for sale very often and when we do they sell fast however, we do not make a big enough profit to cover the time it takes to make the dolls like new and because the IDEAL Saucy Walker is gaining in value quickly, our cost for the doll is rising higher with each passing month. We ask that you consider this when you purchase your Saucy Walker elsewhere and you find that she is not in the best condition, just remember to contact us and we will be glad to assist you and do all the work to make her the way you expected her to be. Please see our new site at: or

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Those from our own site please note:  If you should have questions, feel free to contact us but please also read our Frequently Asked Questions page. Before you purchase her make sure you read our Refund Policy on our page linked below:


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