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1954 Saucy Walker 22" By IDEAL Toy Corp. 

Her Childhood Doll Memory Name is "Cathy" named by Pamela, her loving owner who has contacted us to restore her and list her in hopes of a loving home for her.

She came to us with a ponytail with the IDEAL band that had disintegrated and her hair did not show any signs of being once in braids as it was straight hair. We have fashioned her clothing after the IDEAL Book Photo of the ponytail doll. I have given to her my cherished childhood Saucy Walker Doll's Pinafore which my own mother so lovingly kept safe for me all these years.  Cathy has won my heart as she is so adorable and so loved by her previous owner.

Most Saucy Walker Dolls, and we have had many over the years as you can see from our rather huge web site, have never been marked IDEAL DOLL/W22.  All of them have been marked IDEAL DOLL on the head and on the back.  I have seen a couple of regular looking Saucy Walker Dolls in the book also shown to reflect the markings of "W22". This is very interesting to me because out of hundreds of IDEAL Saucy Walker dolls we have restored inside and out not once have I come across that "W22" on the head or the back.  

The markings similar that we have seen of course, are the two 25" Saucy Walker dolls that we had with "W25" (See explanation below) and the vinyl head Saucy Walker with "W23". I might add that one of the rare "W25" "Big Sister" Saucy Walker dolls we still have, only has IDEAL on her head and came to us with an "IDEAL DOLL" marking on the back of a Saucy Walker 22" body with a "Big Sister" type original dress on her.  Go figure?  

I am thinking this "Big Sister" doll , mentioned above, is a doll created by the factory in a hurry or merely because the body that head should have had was not available.  The reason I think this is because on the neck, the marking IDEAL is to the left of the neck and on the right side is a factory smoothed out area with nothing marked there where the "W25" should have been.   We still have her head with perfect make-up still on her and because we remain in a state of shock at this find.  However, because we early on thought she would not sell we have used her for parts  I could write a book for sure about what we have seen coming through here that is not according to the books but are factory made and "Off The Wall".

It is amazing that we also have seen a Saucy Walker doll with"SW23" on her vinyl head but with bendable knees as only the POSIE doll is suppose to have had.  She had not been tampered with as far as switching heads which we could have noticed easily enough.  So far she is the only one we have seen like that.  

The IDEAL book shows the ponytail doll as having the "W22" marking.   Cathy, being listed on this page has IDEAL DOLL on her neck and back. Collectors may need to know that in the 50's,  Major Doll Companies only worried about filling orders back then, they did not fret about the tiny details in markings as collectors are doing today. If there was a need because of the lack of supply availability, it is highly possibly that they used other IDEAL Saucy Walker Parts, and similar wigs.  We know this to be true in the use of Saucy Doll wigs as there are many POSIE wigs used on the regular Saucy Walker doll once the POSIE doll changed to a vinyl head.  Those left over wigs had the short cut hair around the face that POSIE is known to have. The hard face early issue POSIE also had the short, rather bubble hair style as well.   

Fortunately, to help me understand clearly, I have recently received this information from a good source of a Doll Book author explaining that the Doll Companies were not worried about details such as markings when it came to filling large orders in order to get the money for that order.  I can just imagine that when a doll was very popular there was a great deal of stress on the factory to meet each demand one way or the other.

In today's world it is the collector who have no choice than to use the doll books to make sure they have the doll they need.  It is they who follow the tiny details and more than likely and most unfortunately may have just possibly passed over a rare doll on occasion because of the tiny details.

It is very possible that Cathy actually is the rare IDEAL Ponytail Saucy Walker 22" Doll.  Same Auburn hair, same color of eyes, her bangs identical to the book's photo below, and the IDEAL disintegrated rubber band once holding the hair into a ponytail not to mention that  her owner telling us she had a pony tail all the while she had played with her.


Also:  See Pamela's story and photos below.

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Cathy’s History 

When I was nine years old, growing up in High Point, North Carolina, my Saucy Walker doll arrived as a gift from Santa, Christmas morning, 1954.  Right away I noticed that her auburn hair was the same color as my mother’s, and I named her Cathy after my mother, Anna Catherine. She joined my other dolls in the wooden doll cradle (which I still have) in the corner of my room. She attended tea parties at my child size red and white table and chairs set.  I remember my mother “coming to visit” at tea party time… bringing our family dog, Teddy, as her “baby” to visit with me and my dolls. Cathy also got to travel… once, my mother, brother and I went by bus to visit my grandmother in Oklahoma… and I took Cathy with me. It was a long bus ride and I remember carrying her the whole way. Cathy looked pretty in her new lavender dress that my mother had a friend make especially for the trip. As often happens when little girls become teenagers, my dolls were relegated to my parents’ attic. In later years, I brought my dolls and cradle to my own home. The cradle went to my attic and Cathy and her friends were stored in a closet. Now that I’m retired, I’m “going through my things” and making decisions as to the dispensation of my “treasures”. Unfortunately, there is no one to pass my dolls to… so I’m trying to see that they get good homes. With high hopes, I sent Cathy to Sheryl at Saucy Walker’s Corner. For now, Cathy’s friends, Tiny Tears and Bonny Braids, are back in their wooden doll cradle (in my home office) and we are all hoping for a good home for our dear Cathy.


Pretty Cathy standing in front of the 1954 Christmas Tree.

Cathy with tea set.  Pam and Rick Walden. 1954.

Christmas 1956 - Me, Pamela Rose Walden, (now Pam Carter)... in my Christmas Dress.  I had a pony tail like Cathy!

Christmas 1956 - My Mother, Anna Catherine Walden.

Excuse the Boo Boo where I said 'That Saucy Sold" I meant to say "Ideal Sold")

Description From Sheryl Of Her Restoration

Here is a  1954-IDEAL Saucy Walker 22" Doll previously owned by Pamela.  Pamela named her "Cathy" after her own mother "Catherine" the Christmas of 1954. 

When we got her here at Saucy Walker's Corner we were thrilled to see that her hair was in a Ponytail.  We saw that the hair had not reflected that a child had changed the style. We determined this because the IDEAl rubber band had the same disintegration around the ponytail as we have found on many other Saucy Walker dolls that still had the factory hair braids in the past. We purposely left a piece of that band in the hair when we cleaned it and restyled it back into a ponytail.  Please make sure you have read Our INTRODUCTION explanation under her photo at the top of this page.

Her body has been sanded by Dr. Hubby to take off the age and make the plastic look soft.  The walking mechanism has completely been taken apart and she now walks by merely holding her hand.  Please don't miss her video above.

Her bands have all been replaced with are very strong surgical elastic tubing.  She should never need her bands replaced again unless her arms and head are stretched to the max by a child or an adult for some reason.  We have used an elastic band and not a rubber band on her ponytail as well.

Her eyes have been machine polished and our preventative eye techniques have been installed in her head.  Her lashes are full.  Her face is all original make-up from the factory. Her hair bows have been stiffened for display and should last for the next 50 years if one display.

Lois Pearson our famous seamstress whom we are proud of and who makes our Replica clothing has made her blue replica dress to look similar to the IDEAL book image of the IDEAL ponytail doll.  We are sure, of course that IDEAL sold the dolls in other clothing, however this dress and IDEAL original pinafore was how my own childhood doll appeared to me so many years ago.  I have donated my own dolls pinafore on this doll as you can see in the photos.

Her socks that we have stiffened on her legs to prevent falling down to the ankles over time are her own original socks and the shoes she has on are the vinyl molded bow shoes made by IDEAL. These shoes are very hard to find and we have to purchase a whole Saucy Walker doll to find get them 80% of the time. No parts stores available for Saucy Walker 's in today's world.

Most available Saucy Walker today have mute criers as this one does.  We never replace the criers on Saucy Walker dolls because to do that the torso has to be completely cut in half which can ruin her value.  She is more valuable retaining her Factory crier mechanism than to have an updated one installed. We have experienced a doll who did not cry here and by the time she reached her owner, the crier worked.  So I have learned to never think they are silent forever.  Some Saucy Walker dolls could have had a bath or two over the years that would have silenced the crier possibly.

Again make sure you have seen her video and know that this special doll will not only be a wonderful doll to own but also will bring smiles to her new owner when she sees her sweet face.

Her Kaiser Doll stand is included along with her replica hang tag. Whomever it is to take her home will see that she is an adorable doll and needs to be loved and cherished.

Thank you so much for your interest.


Just a Note From Sheryl:

Our pricing on the dolls we sell are as reasonable as we can make them keeping in mind all the days and hours and top notch supplies it takes to get the dolls like new.  I say this because many who might not know of our reputation and may not take this into consideration and somehow forget that we have had to also purchase the doll as well and the quality Saucy Walker is getting more expensive as the time passes.  We are the only ones who offer the things that we do such as our own invented eye platforms to prevent the rolling and sinking of the eyes that Saucy Walker dolls are so famous for doing after 50 years of storage.  A new doll stand has always been sent out with each of our dolls and the replica hang tag that in time is expensive as well. From our site we also offer Lay-a-way on many of them and/or the Hold Doll option.

We do not have Saucy Walker dolls for sale very often and when we do they sell fast however, we do not make a big enough profit to cover the time it takes to make the dolls like new and because the IDEAL Saucy Walker is gaining in value quickly, our cost for the doll is rising higher with each passing month. We ask that you consider this when you purchase your Saucy Walker elsewhere and you find that she is not in the best condition, just remember to contact us and we will be glad to assist you and do all the work to make her the way you expected her to be. Please see our new site at: or

Each of our repair dolls under our Package "A" will have her own web page so you can follow along with her restoration progress.  You can find many that we working on or recently repaired under our BEFORE AND AFTER sections on the front page or our previous restorations as well on our Doll Hospital page.  

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