1950's  Saucy Walker 22" By IDEAL Toy Corp.  With Rare Bangs. See the explanation below in the Description section.

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Description From Sheryl Of Her Restoration

Here is a 1950's Saucy Walker 22" Doll by: IDEAL Toy Corp. She has unusually thick uncut bangs and is one of three dolls we have ever seen with the curls in the bangs.  Read below for more information.

Her walking mechanism was taken apart by Dr. Hubby and works perfectly. Simply hold her hand while walking her.  Her head turns when she takes each step. She has been lightly sanded and her hands and knees air brushed with blushing.

Her eyes have been polished by our machine and very delicately. We have added Teflon balls to the eye mechanism to make them move easily across the preventative platforms that we have installed to help safe guard her eyes from rolling or crossing.  As we have said, we do not guarantee anything regarding the eyes as they are perfect now and proof is in the photos below... but once she is in others care we do not know how she will be handled.  We accidentally dropped our own doll pretty hard on her head on a concrete floor and the eyes did not have one lil problem at all and you can imagine how happy we were about that. So glad that we invented this technique. Her gorgeous lashes are full. 

We have had only three dolls in all these years and in a row lately that have the thick bangs as this one does. We feel that IDEAL had no set rules on testing the market with different looks from time to time.  This Doll today that we are listing has bangs too thick for banana bangs if they were as long as the banana bangs usually are. When we got her the bangs had the original curls but were relaxed too much from 50 years of storage. So we shampooed the hair and refreshed the curls. Her hair bows are double sided satin and we have stiffened them for display. 

Here is a doll directly below that we sold that was our number one of the three...instead of the curls we decided to brush them out and wow, we should have left the bangs as she came to us in her original hairdo.  This dolls original bangs (before we brushed them out) were exactly like we have styled the one we are listing on this page today.  This is a rare Saucy Walker and we have a Blonde number three doll yet to list with the same thick uncut bangs

From Judith Izen's Third Edition IDEAL DOLL Book: Showing A Saucy Walker With Thick Bangs And Curls.

Below is the First of three with the same type bangs:


And Here is our blonde (number three below) as we got her and before we had even begun the restoration.  Her eyes will being polished and the platforms installed later along with all the rest.  We have already washed her hair and re-curled her bangs.  This photo was taken before we did all of that.  Her hair had never been taken down by a child and in this photo she has the original rubber bands and hair-do set from the factory and looks exactly like the doll we are listing today had looked (except different hair color).


Click Here To See Her Finished Look.

The replica styled dress on the doll we are listing today with the IDEAL type attached slip and Onesie was made by Lois Pearson (  This is a common look for a Saucy Walker and Lois is wonderful at making them so gorgeous.  Lois has also put her tag on the dresses she makes for us.  

The shoes she is wearing were quite expensive but well worth it because they look nearly new for being 50ish years old.  They have IDEAL molded on the bottom of each shoe.  Her socks are replacement.

Her Kaiser Doll stand is included along with her replica hang tag.  Her lil Raggedy Andy doll is a compliment from Lois Pearson who knows we love to have little cloth dolls for the Saucy Walker's to hold on display.  

Whomever it is to take her home will see that she is an adorable doll and needs to be loved and cherished.

Thank you so much for your interest.


Just a Note From Sheryl:

Our pricing on the dolls we sell are as reasonable as we can make them keeping in mind all the days and hours and top notch supplies it takes to get the dolls like new.  I say this because many who might not know of our reputation and may not take this into consideration and somehow forget that we have had to also purchase the doll as well and the quality Saucy Walker is getting more expensive as the time passes.  We are the only ones who offer the things that we do such as our own invented eye platforms to prevent the rolling, crossing, and sinking of the eyes that Saucy Walker dolls are so famous for doing after 50 years of storage.  A new doll stand has always been sent out with each of our dolls and the replica hang tag that in time is expensive as well. From our site we also offer Lay-a-way on many of them and/or the Hold Doll option.

We do not have Saucy Walker dolls for sale very often and when we do they sell fast however, we do not make a big enough profit to cover the time it takes to make the dolls like new and because the IDEAL Saucy Walker is gaining in value quickly, our cost for the doll is rising higher with each passing month. We ask that you consider this when you purchase your Saucy Walker elsewhere and you find that she is not in the best condition, just remember to contact us and we will be glad to assist you and do all the work to make her the way you expected her to be. 

Please see our site at: or

Each of our repair dolls under our Package "A" will have her own web page so you can follow along with her restoration progress.  You can find many that we working on or recently repaired under our BEFORE AND AFTER sections on the front page or our previous restorations as well on our Doll Hospital page.  

Those from our own site please note:  If you should have questions, feel free to contact us but please also read our Frequently Asked Questions page. Before you purchase her make sure you read our Refund Policy on our page linked below:


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