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"We do all the work so you do not have to!"

All of our dolls are intended for Display. We do not recommend they be played with by Children.  They are way too expensive and getting more so as the Baby Boomers age.

After 58 years this one deserves a rest.

This doll is so beautiful and was fun to restore.  She is a 22" IDEAL TOY CORP. Saucy Walker made in 1952.  She has the best eyes that IDEAL ever made for the Early Issue Saucy Walker dolls.  The mechanism has the white stem that pivots and allows the eyes to move so easily a breath of wind has been known to move the eyes on other dolls with the same mechanism.

We installed our going on 4 years...Invented Preventative platforms inside her head to give some assurance if dropped her eyes will more than likely not be wacky as Saucy Walker eyes have been known to be like after rough play. After our dolls leave here we have no idea how they are treated so we cannot guarantee the eyes will not go whacky but I am willing to bet that even in a tornado they would look like they do now.

The eyes are a Gorgeous Blue and once you see them in the real you can get captivated very that is a warning. You merely have to move her gently to see her eyes flirt.  Not all Saucy Walker dolls after 1952 had these type eyes and to get them to move easily like this one takes a little more effort.

"She walks like a dream" as only Dr. Hubby can make the dolls do. You only need to hold her nad to walk her and her head turns with eash step.  He has re-strung her arms and head with our strong Surgical Elastic Cord Tubing that will last a life time.  He completely takes the dolls apart and re-works the metal pieces in the walking mechanism and corrects any warping that they have gotten over the years. He has sanded the age from her plastic and you can see how soft the plastic appears once that is done.  He has air brushed the blushing only on her knees and the back of her hands.  Photos make the blushing look brighter than it does in the real.

Her hair is a blonde original saran wig and was also one of the better wigs IDEAL offered in those earlier years. I have stiffened the double sided satin ribbons for display. Her hair has been cleaned. Her banana bangs have also been stiffened as they can be difficult to style into the way Saucy Walker dolls were sold.  In Display they should not pull out.  I have used tiny doll sized Bobbie pins to secure them. The bangs are very long and I have used some of her scrap saran hair to fill in the banana bang inside. No child had cut her hair.

Her make-up is all original and gorgeous.  Her eyelashes are superb!  I only wish all Saucy Walker lashes were this perfect.

Her dress is a replica of the type of waffle dress IDEAl sold many dolls in.  Lois Pearson has made the dress and also has made a similar replica of an original pinafore our Brunette Logo doll on our front page is wearing.  Lois has been so kind on her much needed vacation to fill our orders and we are blessed to have her on board this Baby Boomer Saucy Walker Express business. Her work is excellent and we are grateful.  You can reach her at:

If you should have any questions please feel free to ask us:


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Price -$350.00  

Priority Shipping - $35.00

If the shipping cost is lower than what we have listed we will refund the difference.

International should contact us first with your full address to get the exact Shipping cost. 

NOTE:   Once she is purchased allow us a little time to change the For Sale information on our site.  When you use the PayPal button below it will automatically prevent another sale on her to go through after you have used it.


Please make sure you read our payment and refund policies by clicking on the link below.

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Hold Doll   We offer two month to hold the doll with payment of 1/2 her cost upfront in the amount of $175.00 plus the $35.00 USPS Priority Shipping cost. If the cost of shipping is less than $35.00 we will refund the difference. The balance of $175.00 will be due the second month along with the USPS Priority shipping cost.   We will send you an invoice. Please note that if you should need the balance on Lay-A-Way, let us know.

Make sure you read our Policy in the F.A.Q Page link above before you put her on Hold.


Lay-a-way  (No Lay-A-Way Fee required on this doll) A down payment of $70.00  to be paid up front and the shipping cost of $35.00. (We will refund any over charge on the shipping cost if there should be any.) The balance of $280.00 can be paid out in  4 (four) following months at: $70.00 per month and due on the 1st (First) of each month and no longer than 7 days following.. We will send you an invoice each month.

Make sure you read our Policy in the F.A.Q Page link above before you put her on Lay-a-way.


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