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She Has A New Mommy Now!


1950's  Saucy Walker 22" By IDEAL Toy Corp. 

We call her "Beth".  That is the name of her original owner.

Beth has gone shopping for her new Mommy.  See photos  below of the gift she got for her.  She is carrying it inside of her little Minnie Mouse purse.

She comes with her Original Dress, Restored by Lois and Her Designer White Dotted Swiss Dress With Attached Cotton Slip & Onesie Created by Lois ( Her Vintage IDEAL Toy Corp. White Vinyl Shoes With Molded Bows, White Replacement Socks, Vintage SW Onesie With Original Gold Plated Safety Pin From Spain, Replica Hang Tag,  New Minnie Mouse Plastic Purse, Gift Box For Owner With Brand New Sterling Silver Red Handbag Necklace , and New Kaiser Doll Stand.

We Do All The Work So You Don't Have To!!


Beth went shopping today and has a gift for her New Mommy.  It is a brand new .925 Sterling silver handbag painted with red enamel.  She is carrying it in her own new Minnie Mouse purse with Disney tag.

Beth's hair has not been cut,  See description below

We put a folded paper towel around her waist to prevent the wire on the stand from scratching her.  This time we thought we would leave it as a cushion under her Onesie.  We normally take the towels off but the more cushion the better.

Her Video Coming Soon


Description From Sheryl Of Her Restoration

This doll was very loved by a once little girl named Beth.  So we named the Saucy Walker 22" "Beth"  She was in excellent condition when we got her, however we cleaned her up and you can read about what we did below.

She is a  1950's Saucy Walker 22" Doll by: IDEAL Toy Corp. She is in great shape and was when we got her, no cracks or seam splits.  Her crier is mute. 

Her walking mechanism was taken apart by Dr. Hubby and works perfectly.  Her head turns when she takes each step. You merely need to hold her hand to walk her.  She almost floats. She has been sanded and airbrushed to equal out her body color.  Her knees and hands have been blushed and sealed. Her face paint is all original.  

Her eyes have been polished and they have our installed platforms to keep the eyes from rolling or sinking.  After she leaves here and because we have no idea how she will be handled, we do not guarantee the platforms. However from our own accidental testing of our invented installations (i.e. dropping a 22"SW doll long ago on her head) they came through with flying colors.  The eyes open and close very easily.  She has an excellent pair of eyes, one of the best they made.  They move from side to side as you also physically lean her from side to side as she was designed by the factory to do. 

Her original dress was sent to Lois ( who also restores old doll clothing and she spent days restoring it.  She added the new green panel on the front to replace the original green panel.  I was ironing the dress and by MY own fault accidentally caused a small hole at the top of her left sleeve.  The material is fragile. The dress has the cotton attached slip and an original Onesie to match and has the original gold plated safety pin IDEAL used on the SW Onesies to close the back. IDEAL ID's their dresses by the buttons which were pinwheel buttons at that time and this dress has three of them in the back.  We will send the dress and the Onesie to the new Mommy in a huge clear plastic bag to show as display.  The dress will be stuffed with pink tissue.

Her Designer White dotted Swiss Dress has been made by Lois  She and also has put button holes and two buttons on the back of the dress. This dress has 2 white buttons and button holes.     

Her brand new Minnie Mouse purse has a Disney tag still attached. We purchased the purse from the Disney Company.

Concerning her original hair:  Here is what we have found along the way because of all the many many dolls that we have seen and worked on: This particular hair cut on the doll above as many collectors know is the POSIE doll hair cut....However she is not a Poise by any means.  One can see that the hair is shorter all around the face of the doll's head.  No Mother or child cut the hair like that, the factory did.  

The Factory cut the sides and bangs and curled them around the face when the Posie dolls were first on the market with the Saucy Walker hard plastic heads.  Because we have found a few with the straight legs, making them a Saucy Walker from IDEAL and Not a Poise we have come to the conclusion that they had an excess amount of these pre-styled wigs already on heads when they switched to the vinyl face for the Posie dolls.  I would do the same thing by using the supply I had as well and not let them go to waste either.   Below you will see an actual Posie doll  in her original dress with this same hair style:  The very earliest first Posie dolls with Saucy Walker faces started as being short and curly all over like the second photo:

Posie Bent Knee Doll By IDEAL


Earliest Posie Doll Version (IDEAL)

22" Straight Leg Saucy Walkers From IDEAL (This one has short ringlets).

Our SW Beth Doll here in this photo was another one.  She had long ringlets like the long haired auburn Posie Doll above her that I pulled back on both dolls and curled the hair back into ringlets. The SW in blue with shorter hair had shorter ringlets but the ever so short hair all around her face as well.

Just a Note From Sheryl:



Our pricing on the dolls we sell are as reasonable as we can make them keeping in mind all the days and hours and top notch supplies it takes to get the dolls like new.  I say this because many who might not know of our reputation and may not take this into consideration and somehow forget that we have had to also purchase the doll as well and the quality Saucy Walker is getting more expensive as the time passes.  We are the only ones who offer the things that we do such as our own invented eye platforms to prevent the rolling and sinking of the eyes that Saucy Walker dolls are so famous for doing after 50 years of storage.  A new doll stand has always been sent out with each of our dolls and the replica hang tag that in time is expensive as well. From our site we also offer Lay-a-way on many of them and/or the Hold Doll option.

We do not have Saucy Walker dolls for sale very often and when we do they sell fast however, we do not make a big enough profit to cover the time it takes to make the dolls like new and because the IDEAL Saucy Walker is gaining in value quickly, our cost for the doll is rising higher with each passing month. We ask that you consider this when you purchase your Saucy Walker elsewhere and you find that she is not in the best condition, just remember to contact us and we will be glad to assist you and do all the work to make her the way you expected her to be. Please see our new site at:

Each of our repair dolls under our Package "A" will have her own web page so you can follow along with her restoration progress.  You can find many that we working on or recently repaired under our BEFORE AND AFTER sections on the front page or our previous restorations as well on our Doll Hospital page.

If you should have questions, feel free to contact us: and God Bless!!


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Price -$365.00 (Doll Price)

Shipping: USPS Priority In USA Is Separate: $20.00 

International should contact us first with your full address to get the exact Shipping cost .

NOTE:   Once she is purchased allow us a little time to change the For Sale information on our site.  When you use the PayPal button below it will automatically prevent another sale on her to go through after you have used it.

To Hold The doll  - No Holding fee. Half of her cost which is $182.50  to be paid up front along with the shipping fee shown above.  The balance of $182.50 will be due two months after the down payment is made.  Make sure you read our Policy in the link below before you put her on hold. USA 
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