1952-53  Saucy Walker 22" By IDEAL Toy Corp.  Walker Is Perfect. Original Strawberry Blonde Saran Hair.  Her crier does not work at present but possibly will one day. (As we have experienced this happening) Her gorgeous Taffeta dress with attached slip and replica Onesie is By Lois: . Her shoes are new and black leather. All that is mentioned above is including along with the new Kaiser Doll Stand and Little Dolly.

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This  1952-53 Saucy Walker has been lightly sanded and her sanded body looks like soft skin. Her walking mechanism is perfect after Dr. Hubby  took her completely apart and did his restoration magic.  He makes them walk like new again.  Perfect and quiet walker. 

She has not been painted except for her knees and eye shadow that Dr. Hubby blushed lightly. Her facial cheeks are the original blushing from the factory as well as her hands. She had no seam cracks or splits.

Her crier not working.  Rare to find a crier that works at all. HOWEVER,  We shipped a doll to Australia recently that did not cry but she started crying after she made the long trip.  Go Figure!

Her strawberry blonde hair is original and this doll, has her Banana Bangs re-combed by us.  A child had cut half of them so we managed to combine them in with the rest of the hair to form the bangs like she had in a similar fashion when new. We have seen Saucy Walkers by IDEAL that do have the shorter braids and I saw no evidence of a child's cutting the length on this doll at all and have had other Saucy Walker with shorter braids as well..  We trimmed the ends of the braids.  

Her eyes so easily move from side to side.  The reason for this is that this doll and our last three Saucy listing have the better eye mechanism in them.  The eye weight is a long bar and on each side are long white stems.  It is in fact those stems that are designed to allow the eyes to move more freely.  Most Saucy Walkers made later in the 50's did not have them.  We machine polished them, repaired them and as always before one of our Ideal Saucy Walker 22" dolls leaves here, we installed the preventative platforms to help prevent her eyes from rolling and crossing.  Personally, I am the only one who uses these particular preventative platforms since I invented them.  Her eye lashes are beautiful and full. She will look in both directions and sleep. 

We made a choice when attaching her head with the thicker elastic band,  Her eyes will sleep (Close) but since she is a display doll we decided to keep the thicker band instead of the thin (with less strength) because the thicker is strong and you will never have to fear that her head will un-attach.  The thicker band in her head gets in the way of the eye weight when she closes her eyes.  She can close them half way.

The arms and head have also been re-strung with a thicker elastic cord tubing band.  You merely need to hold her by her hand to walk her. Her head turns when she walks and the eyes flirt from side to side when you lean her slightly.

The doll has no sour odor that you get when a doll is sent to you.  Right away you can easily notice that so many Saucy Walkers have not been restored. Sometimes the odor hits you in right the nose. Ugh.  It is the original rubber bands being stored for 50 years that carry the sour odors most of the time. What we have found lately with a repair doll we had, the criers, depending on if she saw the bathtub allot, can carry an odor.  This doll has none except possibly the restoration and shampoo smells but those will fade away.

This dress she is wearing was made by Lois at:  Lots of delicate shine with the taffeta that she used.  The attached slip is also taffeta and the Onesie.  Ideal attached slip to the dress and this dress has been done that way as well.  We have sold I believe 2 other dolls in this black and white and I always marvel at the beauty of the doll with this style of dress and color combination. Great little summer dress.

We cannot resist the lace socks and new black leather shoes.  The 1950's Saucy Walker Dolls did not have the lace socks but so many of our collectors not only like to dress the dolls for the season but they love the fancy socks. Straight socks are easy to find for those who prefer them.

We highly recommend that your Ideal Saucy Walker not be given to a child.  These dolls are old and should remain on display, after all they have gone through, they deserve a rest.  The Ideal Saucy Walker is gaining in value as the years pass and even the doll books are outdated on  their value.  So if you must give her away, give her to an adult family member who appreciates the value that these famous Baby Boomer dolls have and will continue to have (as well as a walking doll that was copied by most all the companies in her time).