1951 Early Issue Saucy Walker 22" By IDEAL Toy Corp.  Walker Is Perfect. Original Dark Auburn Saran Hair. She Tends To Cry In Squeaks.  She Will Come To You In Her New Replica Dress That Was Copied From A Rare Original Dress We Once Had and This One Is Made of Voile/Lawn  By Lois:  With An Attached Pink Taffeta Slip,  Replica Taffeta Onesie, Custom Made Leatherette White Shoes By Michelle:, Replacement Socks, And Replica Hang Tag  Also Added Is A New Pink Dress, New White Panities, New Leather Black Patent Shoes, One Extra Pair Of High Socks, New Kaiser Doll Stand And Little Dolly, And Beaded Stretch Bracelet, And Shoe Box, And Are All Included In This Sale.


PLEASE NOTICE: This is an early issue SW 1951-52.  We normally sell them at a higher pricing because of the rare status plus the extra work on our part.  However at this price you need to agree that you do not want us to modify her head that bobbles. (like all of them do but this Early Issue Doll was not modified from the factory for some reason so she is even more rare.) Her head is on top of the neck formation instead of a little bit lower.  If you request us to modify her so her head is lower then we will price the doll as we usually do for $295. with replica clothing. If you email us and tell us to modify her then we will send an invoice for the balance of $70.00

We Do All The Work So You Don't Have To!!

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This  1951-52 Early Issue (Rod Doll) Saucy Walker has been lightly sanded and her sanded body looks like soft skin. Her walking mechanism is perfect after Dr. Hubby  took her completely apart and did his restoration magic.  He makes them walk like new again.  Perfect and quiet walker. 

She has not been painted except for her knees and hands  and eye shadow that Dr. Hubby blushed lightly. Her facial cheeks are the original blushing from the factory. Dr. Hubby also sealed the slight small opening of the crotch seam as so many dolls of this age have.

Her crier is working in squeaks, sometimes faint and sometimes loud.  Rare to find a crier that works at all.  We shipped a doll to Australia recently that did not cry but she started crying after she made the long trip.  Go Figure!

Her hair is original and this doll, has her Banana Bangs in tact and re-combed by us. We have seen Saucy Walkers by IDEAL that do have the shorter braids and I saw no evidence of a child's cutting the length on this doll at all and have had other Saucy Walker with shorter braids as well..  We trimmed the ends of the braids.  

Her eyes so easily move from side to side.  The reason for this is that this doll and our last two Saucy listing have the better eye mechanism in them.  The eye weight is a long bar and on each side are long white stems.  It is in fact those stems that are designed to allow the eyes to move more freely.  Most Saucy Walkers made later in the 50's did not have them.  We machine polished them, repaired them and as always before one of our Ideal Saucy Walker 22" dolls leaves here, we installed the preventative platforms to help prevent her eyes from rolling.  Personally, I am the only one who uses these particular preventative platforms since I invented them.  

Her eye lashes are beautiful and full. She will look in both directions and sleep.  Her hair is saved by me as we got her with long tight ringlets all over her head and even in the banana bangs that a mother had to have styled. They were perfect but not in line for this type wig with a threaded seam down the back.  When these type wigs are styled in ringlet, large areas of the scalp cap show with threaded areas holding the hair to the cap.  It took me many hours to get her hair braided and I had to do it with our organic hair conditioner just to be able to comb the hair.  I almost decided to put a new wig on her but I actually succeeded in saving yet this another Saucy Walker wig by Ideal.

One can readily tell which Ideal Saucy Walker is an early issue by the bobbling of the dolls head.  Her head is connected by a metal rod that attaches to the metal rod in the arm socket area of the torso.  You never have to worry about her head coming off for sure.

The arms have also been re-strung with a thicker elastic cord tubing band.  You merely need to hold her by her hand to walk her. 

The doll has no sour odor that you get when a doll is sent to you.  Right away you can easily notice that she has not been restored. Sometimes the odor hits you in right the nose. Ugh.  It is the original rubber bands being stored for 50 years that carry the sour odors most of the time. What we have found lately with a repair doll we had, the criers, depending on if she saw the bathtub allot, can carry an odor.  This doll has none except possibly the restoration and shampoo smells but those will fade away.

Included in this Sale, we have added a new pair of high socks to go with her extra new pink dress not shown in the photos, and panties and a new pair of black patent leather shoes. If you have another doll her size, this extra dress will be nice to have.

This pink rare replica dress is made from voile/lawn and the attached slip and Onesie is made out of taffeta by Lois at:  She was so kind to fashion this work of art after a yellow and rare original dress I fell in love with on this doll below.  The difference that caught my attention on the original yellow dress is that it had capped sleeves under the shoulder ruffles where many of them did not.  The pink replica dress does as well.  Thank you Lois for your never ending expertise!

The pink replica dress has a pink taffeta attached slip and a pink taffeta Onesie.

Her custom made replica leatherette shoes which the Early 1951-52 issued SW wore are by  Michelle at: "This Old Doll" and according to my opinion as others, Michelle is the best  vintage doll shoes cobbler on the Internet. These shoes are similar to the era of the Early Issue SW dolls and those that tie in a bow as these do are shown on her replica hangtag.

Her socks are replacement and stand up straight on her leg which is refreshing.  I love the lace socks on the Saucy Walker dolls but because we want this doll to reflect the 50's era, as they had no lace socks back then on the dolls.

We highly recommend that your Ideal Saucy Walker not be given to a child.  These dolls are old and should remain on display, after all they have gone through, they deserve a rest.  The Ideal Saucy Walker is gaining in value as the years pass and even the doll books are outdated on  their value.  So if you must give her away, give her to an adult family member who appreciates the value that these famous Baby Boomer dolls have and will continue to have (as well as a walking doll that was copied by most all the companies in her time).



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