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1955 Ideal Saucy Walker 23" Vinyl Face Rare Dark Brunette Thick Hair

Original and Replica Clothing, Ideal Shoes, Monique Socks From Spain, New Kaiser Doll Stand, Teddy Bear

We Do All The Work So You Don't Have To!!



 Many Photos Below


She has been lightly sanded, and her walking mechanism is perfect after Dr. Hubby did his magic.  We take them completely apart and make them walk and look like new. This doll makes no sound when walking and her head turns from side to side.  Merely hold her arms as she was designed while walking her on a table or the floor.

She has not been painted except for her knees that Dr. Hubby blushed on top of her original blushing.  He calls it "Touched Up". Both hand blushing is original.  Her sanded body looks like soft skin. Dr. Hubby Blushed her facial cheeks. 

Her crier is silenced and I am sure whomever played with her enjoyed it while it worked.  

Her hair is original and thick and shoulder length.  The dark brunette hair vinyl face 23" Saucy Walkers are the less common. She had shoulder length hair in small ringlets when we received her, now she still has shoulder length hair but the ringlets make it seem shorter because they are so tight.  This hair should last for many years of display.  Her double sided satin white bow is pinned to her head just as her original bow was pinned on top.  The bow has been stiffened for display.

Her eyebrows and lower lashes are there but light.  They can be seen in the photos.  Her yes are so clean and her eyelashes perfect.  She shuts her eyes with ease when laying on her back.  I cannot stop looking at her and have talked to her like she is a real baby girl.  Her face is so soft looking and not the wet look like so many are.  Of course my camera takes bad photos and one cannot tell this unless she is seen in the real.  Her face also is not dark like my camera makes her look. One of these days I will learn how to set this expensive Canon camera!! Looking at her you will be amazed at how clean and soft her face really is.  She amazes me.

We will be taking a video of her walking here at night, who knows at present what that will look like. HA!

Her original party dress is in good condition minus the little hole on the left side of the top layer and the two small tears in the hem area. What is amazing is that that particular material has lasted for 56 years.  We have cleaned and ironed it for you.

Her new dress is white with tiny black dots.  Her pinafore is bright white. This dress was made by another seamstress, not Lois.  It has snaps for closures and made extremely well.  The dress has the pinafore but not the attached cotton slip.  The little bear is new and patriotic.  Her socks are from Monique and shipped in from Spain. Spain was the ones who supplied the rayon socks for the Saucy Walker in the 50's.  She also has a replica Onesie and this was made by Lois. (