Saucy Walker 22" By IDEAL Toy Corp.  Walker is perfect. Original Hair.  New Almost Perfect Replica Dress With Vintage Material From That Era.  Replica Onesie, IDEAL Molded Bow Vinyl Shoes, Replacement Socks, Replica Hang Tag, New Kaiser Doll Stand And Replica (Porcelain) Doll In Christening Dress Are All Included In This Sale.

We Do All The Work So You Don't Have To!!

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Her Video


She has been lightly sanded, and her walking mechanism is perfect after Dr. Hubby  took her completely apart and did his restoration magic.  He makes them walk like new again.  Perfect and quiet walker. 

She has not been painted except for her knees that Dr. Hubby blushed lightly and a light air brush spraying of eye shadow and her facial cheeks

We want to add that these dolls are mainly for display and a child could easily scratch the blushed areas on the doll.  Her sanded body looks like soft skin. She has her original blushing on her hands.

Her crier is silenced and was causing quite a lot of noise.  So many of the criers break down on the inside of the crier itself and  will rattle.  Dr. Hubby chose to take the crier out but I am sure whomever played with her 57/58 years ago enjoyed it while it worked.  

Her hair is original and this doll, not all Saucy Walkers, has the longer braids.  The bangs of course were cut by a child or a Mom.  Once the original banana bangs unraveled so many little girls had a hard time with the long hair on the bangs and I am sure many a Mom did the cutting as well.

Her eyes so easily move from side to side.  The reason for this is that this doll and our next Saucy Walker (SALE-64) have the better eye mechanism in them.  The weight is a long bar and on each side are long white stems.  It is in fact those stems that are designed to allow the eyes to move more freely.  Most Saucy Walkers made later in the 50's did not have them.  We machine polished them, repaired them and as always before one of our Ideal Saucy Walker 22" dolls leaves here, we installed the preventative platforms to help prevent her eyes from rolling.  Personally, I am the only one who uses these particular preventative platforms since I invented them.  Her eye lashes are beautiful and full.

When you start to walk her, make sure her chin is tucked under her neck plate as I show in the video.  The video is a bit long as I have been talking longer on them these days for some reason.  The head needs to be straight and looking forward.  I explain that the head is attached with a very strong elastic band and we like the heads to be poseable for display and not stiff like a soldier would look. Tucking the chin under the neck plate will keep her head from seeming lose.  Remember, it is a strong elastic band that holds it on...So no worry.  The arms have also been re-strung with a thicker elastic cord tubing band.  You merely need to hold her by her hand to walk her. 

The doll has no sour odor that you get when a doll is sent to you that has not been restored.  It is mostly the old bands that carry the sour odors.  

Her shoes are by Ideal.  It had to have been a little girl who wanted to paint the molded bow with pink paint. My trusty camera makes the shoes look yellow in the photo...just me not knowing how to get the color adjusted, my apology.   We soaked the white vinyl shoes in Oxy Clean and used everything we could think of to get the pink off from around the bow's edges.  That did not work so we painted the little molded bows white.  They look good now.  Her socks are replacement and stand up straight on her leg which is refreshing.  I love the lace socks on the Saucy Walker dolls but because we want this doll to reflect the 50's era, as they had no lace socks back then on the dolls, we went with the ones you see in the photos.

The little and new and almost identical replica dress she is wearing is perfect and has a white cotton attached slip like Ideal always added to their dresses.  I am so amazed with this dress because the material is vintage in that approximate 50's time frame. It has a little weight to the fabric. Lois attached the replica pinwheel buttons on this dress as Ideal ID'd their Saucy Dresses by the pinwheel buttons instead of cloth tags.

We highly recommend that your Ideal Saucy Walker not be given to a child.  These dolls are old and should remain on display, after all they have gone through, they deserve a rest.  The Ideal Saucy Walker is gaining in value as the years pass and even the doll books are outdated on  their value.  So if you must give her away, give her to an adult family member who appreciates the value that these famous Baby Boomer dolls (as well as a walking doll that was copied by most all the companies in her time) have and will have.