IDEAL Toy Corp. 22" 1950's Saucy Walker Original Stawberry blond Hair, Clothing, Onesie with original gold plated safety pin from Spain, Original Rayon Socks from Spain, IDEAL White vinyl Shoes with molded bows, New Kaiser Doll Stand, Replica Hang Tag, New dress with attached slip, Full petticoat slip and panties to match, New Mary Jane pink patent leather shoes and new lace socks. 

We Do All The Work So You Don't Have To!!



 Many Photos Below


What a joy she was to work on.

She has been lightly sanded, and her walking mechanism is perfect after Dr. Hubby did his magic.  We take them completely apart and make them walk and look like new. This is a perfectly adorable 22"1950's Ideal Saucy Walker. 

She has not been painted except for her knees that Dr. Hubby blushed and a light air brush spraying of eye shadow.  Her sanded body looks like soft skin. She has her original blushing on her hands and facial cheeks.  We had to make a decision to overlook the teenie tiny spot on her left cheek just to keep her facial blushing original. 

Her crier is silenced and I am sure whomever played with her enjoyed it while it worked.  They belong in a museum...the way they were made amazes me but I suppose they did not expect that the little girls who played with them then would want them to cry nearly 60 years later.  Replacing a crier de-values the Saucy Walker, so we do not do that.  They have to be split in half to get to the crier to take it out and replace it.

Her hair is original.  She came to us with her banana bangs like they were when she was sold, except they were flattened so we rolled them and then put them back with her original Bobbie pins.  The seam in the back is more to the left as so many, many Saucy Walker's wigs were applied this way in the factory. This Saucy Walker's braids are a bit short but not cut by a child and the trimming at the ends was done by us. Over all the wig is in good condition and we even left the original glue in her hair from the Factory that we have shown in a photo above. One of the factory workers must have been asleep when applying it.

Her eyes are mesmerizing.  We machine polished them, repaired them and as always before one of our dolls leaves here, we installed the preventative platforms to help prevent her eyes from rolling as her eye lashes were installed at the factory a little short.  Actually she has long eye lashes but the factory, for some reason always seems to push the much needed length up in the metal eye globe too far and the glue is pretty permanent.  Happens more times than not.  She will close her eyes 3/4 of the way.  Our platforms raise the eyes and keeps them at the right level and on some of the Saucy Walkers the weights are made differently.  This one happens to have the bar weight (instead of the individual weights) which can lean against the elastic band.  No biggy because she really should not be played with and will be standing most of the time anyway. Personally, I am the only one who uses these preventative platforms since I invented them and I would prefer them installed in my doll above eyes shutting all the way.  It is rare to have a Saucy seems like lately, that has that bar for a weight.  We get them from time to time.  IDEAL did all kind of things to make the eyes work.  It can be very interesting for me each time I repair eyes.

Her original dress is in great condition.  No rips and the only things I can see is her sash has faded and the ric rac at the very top of her Ideal pinwheel button in the back is trying to unravel. We did clean and iron her original clothing. The Onesie still had the original gold plated pin on it when we got her, I was amazed!!  How rare is that?  The little new dress she is wearing is perfect and has a light pink attached slip like Ideal always attached the cotton slip to their dresses.  Her new shoes are a perfect size for her because the smaller the shoes on a 22" Saucy Walker, the better they walk and she walks perfectly.  Actually she glides as her head turns with each step.

I want to make mention that I have noticed so many think the flirty eyes are suppose to move with each step.  They will if you lean her over from side to side.  However, to me that looks silly and I prefer to walk them straight up myself.  They were designed to flirt when the doll was leaned from side to side.  All you have to do with this one is simply hold her arm to walk her.

We have replaced all the original bands with our Surgical Elastic Cord Tubing and her arms are tight.  We do allow a bit of slack in the head for posing her.  Make sure her chin is tucked under her neck plate and she will be perfect. Never fear that the head will come off while you pose her for display, the elastic is very strong.  I have a hard time accepting a Saucy Walker who looks straight and un-poseable.  Not fun.

We highly recommend that your Ideal Saucy Walker not be given to a child.  These dolls are old and should remain on display, after all they have gone through, they deserve a rest.  The Ideal Saucy Walker is gaining in value as the years pass and even the doll books are outdated on  their value.  So if you must give her away, give her to an adult family member who appreciates the value that these famous Baby Boomer dolls (as well as a walking doll that was copied by most all the companies in her time) have and will have.