Much more clear and wide tape was added on the box before it was picked up to insure safety.


IDEAL Toy Corp. 22" 1952 Saucy Walker Original Hair and Hair Style, Original Dress, Socks and Ideal Shoes, White Tights, New Dress With Attached Cotton Slip, New Kaiser Doll Stand, Replica Hang Tag, New Pink Leather Shoes, New Double Sided Satin Stiffened Hair Bows and Little Blue Teddy Bear. Original Blushing and Eye Shadow. Walks Perfectly. Factory Clamped Flirty Eyes. See Description Below Photos.


We Do All The Work So You Don't Have To!!


 Many Photos Below


Almost new looking Saucy Walker - Rare to find.  She has been lightly sanded, and her walking mechanism is perfect after Dr. Hubby did his magic.  We take them completely apart and make them walk and look like new. This is a perfect 22"1952 Ideal Saucy Walker.  We applied no blushing nor paint. Gorgeous Doll!!

We left her hair styled from the factory and tried to re-wind the bangs on the right.  We put new hair bands at the bottom of the braids.  She has all new Surgical Cord Tubing Elastic inside of her, now sour smell.  She cries loudly.  

Her eyes are Factory clamped and our platforms installed to prevent possible eye rolling with normal handling. We suggest no child play with her.  After 57 years she deserves to be on display.  Once she leaves here we never know how she is handled but when she leaves here, she is in perfect condition.

Her little new dress with attached cotton slip like Ideal did on the Saucy Walker Dresses is made excellently.  Her Onesie is made by Lois who we admire so much.  See her dresses for vintage dolls here.  Her Ideal shoes are her original shoes and the rayon socks as well.  Her dress on the side in the photo is her original dress with white cotton attached slip and in excellent condition for 57 years old.  It is cleaned and ironed and stuffed for display also.  

It is rare to find a doll this clean and with a crier.  She will make a wonderful gift to either yourself or your loved one.