IDEAL Toy Corp. 22" 1952 Saucy Walker Original Hair, Clothing, Shoes, Socks, New Kaiser Doll Stand, Replica Hang Tag, New Outfit, Mary Jane pink patent leather shoes with pink bows, and lace socks. And Little Yellow Lollipop.


We Do All The Work So You Don't Have To!!


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She has been lightly sanded, and her walking mechanism is perfect after Dr. Hubby did his magic.  We take them completely apart and make them walk and look like new. This is a perfect 22"1952 Ideal Saucy Walker 

Her body has been sanded and little small seam splits under her arms (2 of them) are sealed forever with plastic compound inside her torso. She has not been painted.  Her sanded body looks like soft skin. Hands and knee lightly air brushed with blushing and shadow above her eyes. Her hair is original.  Not sure if a mother cut the bangs or not because I have seen other Saucy Walkers with these same bangs cut identical to this one.  The seam in the back is more to the left as so many, many Saucy Walker's wigs were applied this way in the factory. The braids are a bit short but over all the wig is in good condition. Either the workers had a bad day or they were pressured to get so many out each day because this doll was sold more than any other doll of her time period. I would love to have a conversation with anyone who actually worked in the Ideal Toy Corp. Factory.  I would like to know who's face it was that the Saucy face was a copy of as Ideal copied real people's faces.

Her original dress  (Light Yellow Sundress) cleaned and ironed, is in excellent condition. Similar dress that is shown on the 1951 SW hang tag. The trim on her dress is done in baby blue so we put the baby blue double satin stiffened bows on her braids which also go with the other brand new outfit that we are offering to you. Her original Onesie is perfect. Along with the new outfit on the side are a pair of brand new Mary Jane shoes with a pink box, and white lace socks.  Her white vinyl shoes are her original and socks are the original SW socks and in wonderful condition. 

Her eyes have been machine polished and sparkle and move easily from side to side more than most.  The early issue dolls like this one have different eyes that are more perfect in construction than the later models. Her eyelids look new and are original.  Our preventative platforms are installed to prevent the well known rolling and sinking of the eyes. What a gorgeous doll.  Her lips have been touched up and shined to perfection.  Dolls like this make me proud to be a Saucy Walker specialist.  

She comes with her original clothing, and a brand new summer outfit with panties and new Mary Jane shoes and lace socks and new Kaiser doll stand and replica hang tag.