22" Saucy Walker Doll 1950's

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This doll was fun.  She walks like a dream. Her walking mechanism was taken apart and made perfect by Dr. Hubby. Her body has been Air Brushed with our Saucy Walker Satin blend paint.  She looks brand new.

Her hair is original and we curled the bangs which are thick and we only guess that has been cut by a child or a Mom when she was new 50 & some odd years ago.  We left her face original but did re-shadow her eyes.  She has original blushed cheeks but not lightly blushed.  She has her little teeth and her lips and tongue are still perfect and original. 

We repaired and polished her big bright eyes and applied our preventative platforms to level the eye lashes and hopefully prevent further sinking or rolling if she is not dropped on her head and even then there is a good chance her eyes will be okay. We accidentally tested two dolls on a concrete surface that way. Remember now, the dolls were designed to lean from side to walk them and move the eyes from side to side. 

She will be coming to you with her new replica sundress with attached panties designed by Lois at Toni Wear, new shoes and socks and her double satin hair bows that are stiffened for display, her replica hang tag, her new Kaiser doll stand, and her brand new Minnie Mouse stuffed doll.  Remember also: We do have a Lay-a-way plan.  Since our dolls are selling as fast as we list them and we have one (Sale-53) that is here and we are working on her.... that sold before we even have her put together, if you should click on the Submit button and not get a response that is because someone else bought her.  Once she is sold, then we apply the SOLD or PENDING SALE to the ad pages by hand.  It may take a while but if you do purchase her through the Submit button or Lay-a-way, Paypal will not allow another to buy her before we change out pages to reflect that she was sold so please don't be concerned.  Thank you for your Interest.