Ideal Toy Corp. Saucy Walker Doll 22" 


This is one of the two most popular dolls we have duplicated in 2008-2009.  This doll was our prototype.

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These dolls go through our extensive clean up and repair.  Their eyes are polished and repaired, and we also add our special preventative techniques to prevent eye sinking and rolling. We ask that you always be careful not to drop them on a hard surface.  We lightly sand each body to bring out the soft look to the plastic and to rid the Shiny and the Blackening from age.

She has replacement Eyelashes on which widens her eyes making that "Impish" look of a child with high eyebrows. This doll became very popular the year we created her. We no longer take orders to duplicate her.

We re-string each dolls arms and head with our Surgical Elastic Cord Tubing and Dr. Hubby takes the walking mechanism apart and fixes them and they walk like a dream.  Before we send out our dolls, they will be as near to looking new as you can get a Saucy Walker to look.   Each one has a new Kaiser Doll stand. 


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