CYNDY'S Childhood 22" "Ideal Toy Corp. Saucy Walker" 

This Doll Can Be Given To A Small Child.  Very Clean


Now that she is completed.  Cyndy Wants Her To Be Sold To A Woman Who Wants To Pass This Doll To Her Grand Daughter One Day. A Small Child Should Not Play With The Doll Because Of Possible Small Pieces On The Doll, However An Older Child Would Understand The Doll Is Valuable And Needs To Be Kept In Display Condition As That Is How We Consider All Of Our Saucy Walker Dolls To Be Only. 

  The Description is located below the photos also.

Thank you for your dedicated interest.



As you have seen this doll was a donation for us and to try to give her to restore her and try to sell her someone that will pass her down to a child.  We are thankful to Cyndy for her loving donation.

We started making a day long attempt to salvage the original saran wig but saw that the shade of saran that we had available was not blending in well.  She now has an adorable replacement wig and to me, it is so good to see these precious dolls finally have hair that makes them look like the little girl dolls should look.  I have never been one who cared for the old saran wigs but for the collectors I do try to salvage them when I can.

Her eyes are still clamped from the factory which is a good value, however we never allow a Saucy Walker to leave our corner without installing the preventative platforms inside her head to prevent rolling, sinking and crossing eyes as these dolls are known to have a problem with.  The eyes have been cleaned and they move from side to side easily.  

Dr. Hubby and I agreed not to body paint (Air Brush) her but she is sanded to bring a softness to her plastic skin from her neck down. He sealed the small under arm seam split from the inside of her torso and it is sealed with a strong plastic compound as you can barely see in the above photo.  Dr. Hubby took her walking mechanism apart as he does with all of our repair dolls and our own and she walks perfectly.  Her arms are re-strung with our Surgical Elastic Cord Tubing as well as her head.  He has added the blushing to her knees and hands.  He also added eye shadow above her eyes, however her cheeks are her original blushing. Her eyebrows are original and she has her original eyelashes and her mouth make-up is excellent.

Her little dress with matching attached panties is for spring/summer and was made by Lois who's email is: She has her label inside the dress.   I personally love these little dresses, they bring out the little girl in the Saucy Walkers.  Photos never do justice to our dolls and you can see that in the real very quickly.  This doll is gorgeous.  Her sale includes a new Kaiser doll stand, replica hang tag, new dress, shoes, socks and hair bow which is stiffened for display. and the dress that was made for this doll by Cyndy's mother along with an original Onesie.  Our shipping boxes are custom and excellent (see them below) and she will come to you in style.  Thank you for your interest and God Bless You!

Feel free to contact us with questions that you might have.  Also you might want to see our Frequently Asked Questions page for further information.

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Beautiful little doll that brought many wonderful childhood memories.  Her saran missing two large sections that we are not unable to patch with the correct color. Her body is in great condition and does not need painting. The little dress was one that Cyndy's mother had made for her doll. The Onsie is her original. We will be adding this dress to the sale of this doll and adding an original doll Saucy Dress as well or a replica, and also replacement socks... not sure at this time. Check back with us from time to time to see her progress into a like-new beauty once again.


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