1950's  Saucy Walker 22" By IDEAL Toy Corp.  Saucy Walker 22" transformed into a Gorgeous Black doll by Saucy Walker's Corner 3/2011.  This is our PROTOTYPE doll and she is For Sale.  Please make sure you read carefully the doll's Description under the many photos below.   We also will be taking orders for her duplication along with our #2 Black Saucy Walker we are now working on.  


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This  1950's Saucy Walker originally constructed body wise by the Ideal Toy Corp.  She is our PROTOTYPE doll and she is For Sale.  We, Saucy Walker's Corner have transformed her into a Black Saucy Walker Doll as of 3/2011. Our brand has been engraved into her right foot SW#1.   We also will be taking orders for her duplication simply contact us once she is sold.

I have been in contact with Judith Izen (IDEAL book Autor) and she has told me that in her research she has not seen an IDEAL 22" Saucy Walker made as a black doll and wondered if I had seen one.  We have been waiting to purchase one but have never seen one in a book nor online. We are thinking IDEAL had made them for other companies but of course never shared the flirty eyes as this one has.  So therefore, we took it upon ourselves to transform the white Saucy Walker 22" and make them available this year, 2011. We were often contacted by a Ethnic group to carry them so now we are doing that after much work and time and cost.  I am glad we decided long ago to do so because we are in love with this little plastic doll now.

Please see Judith's book ad below as she also offers her books signed for all who are interested.  She has personally asked for us to carry the ad and linked to her site.  If you do not have her book, please contact her for one as we have worn out two of them already and I know you will love it as we have.

Photos nor video's rarely ever show the real beauty of our dolls.

This doll, like all of our Ideal Saucy Walker dolls is a Perfect Walker. Dr. Hubby takes them completely apart and by the time he is finished, they walk like new again.

Her eyes have been repaired and the lenses colored brown.  Takes a while to do this process and can be tedious. The eyes have been machine polished.  They move side to side and sleep. Her eyes are original but we have colored the lenses brown in keeping with this particular Ethnic group.  Her crier is mute. Her lashes are replacement and in keeping with the wig color. We installed them the same way Ideal installed the original lashes by gluing them under the metal socket eye lid.  The lids are the same color as her body.  The long lashes help to give an eye shadow effect.

We have installed our preventative platforms that will be wonderful to have installed if she is ever dropped.  Her eyes should never roll or cross again or sink. As we have noted many times before, once the doll in excellent condition leaves our presence we have no idea what she will go through in the hands of others so no guarantees goes past our doorway.

The arms and head have also been re-strung with a thicker elastic cord tubing band.  You merely need to hold her by her hand to walk her. Her head turns when she walks and the eyes flirt from side to side when you lean her from side to side as she was designed.

The doll has no sour odor that you get when a doll is sent to you so many times from auctions.  Right away you can easily notice that so many Saucy Walkers have not been restored.  It is the original rubber bands being stored for 50 years that carry the sour odors most of the time. What we have found lately with a repair doll we had, the criers, depending on if she saw the bathtub allot, can carry an odor.  This doll has none except possibly the restoration  smells but those will fade away.

Her hair is a wig from Monique and absolutely made excellently.  Her style is in keeping with the era of the 50's.  We have applied the display bows to match her dress and they are stiffened.

This dress she is wearing was made by Lois at:    The pinafore is precious and makes the dress look wonderful.  She also has made the Onsie underneath.

Her shoes were made by Michele at: and is in keeping with the earlier IDEAL S.W. Dolls.  Her socks are replacement socks.  When you walk her, prepare a textured surface as leather shoes tend to slide across a smooth surface.

As we have said in our video, she is the body of the IDEAL Saucy Walker and her markings are still there on her neck and back.  "IDEAL DOLL"  

Her lips are in keeping with this Ethnic group as well and in the real they are wonderful.  Her lips are orange to match the dress and her tongue is red.  Her two teeth are her original and perfect.

We highly recommend that your Ideal Saucy Walker not be given to a child.  These dolls are old and should remain on display, after all they have gone through, they deserve a rest.  The Ideal Saucy Walker is gaining in value as the years pass and even the doll books are outdated on  their value.  So if you must give her away, give her to an adult family member who appreciates the value that these famous Baby Boomer dolls have and will continue to have (as well as a walking doll that was copied by most all the companies in her time).



We Recommend Judith Izen's Book:

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