1959 Playtex Dryper Baby 21" From : Ideal Toy Corporation.

Markings: (Neck) IDEAL DOLL/B-20-3 (Back) IDEAL In An Oval

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Personally I have wanted a Playtex Dryper Baby it seems like forever. Here she is and you can tell by the many photos how much fun I had with her, not to mention spending a boat load of money on her to present her to you but she was well worth every cent.  These dolls are so very rare and I can hardly wait till I find the next one, just hope it does not take so long this time.  I have seen just one recently with the plugged hair and she was not half the doll this one is.  Not that I am boasting, actually it is true.  I feel fortunate to have stumbled into her quite by accident.  I knew who she was when I saw that face, and those little bent fingers on her left hand and the toes. To me, Ideal did not make a cuter Baby Doll than this one in those years. Okay Betsy Wetsy and Tiny Tears collectors, I love them too.  Yes they are also adorable.  I have had a handful of both of those dolls myself. As a matter of fact, both of them sold more in the fifties probably because the Dryper was more expensive and this might be the reason I have such a hard time finding these dolls.

She is clean as a whistle taking into consideration a scuff here and there which we do not want to paint over.  What we did do is bring out the original blush on her cheeks and knees.  The blushing was and is there originally but it was fading.  We also barely touched up her eye lids that were scratched in a couple of places. Her mouth is original except for the hole deep inside as a little girl who imagined her to be alive fed her quite often.  

She is quite the cuddly little baby that cries loudly and I can just feel the love the child had for her.  She was playing with this doll when I must have been playing with my 22" Saucy except I had my Saucy a while before she got this one.  I think I was playing with my Revlon look a like in those years from American Character.  If the truth be known, I was probably older than her anyway.

I could not make up my mind which outfit to show her in first.  Jan, from http://jansdollcloset.com made the little replica outfit to look like the one in the book, shown below.  We really appreciate Judith Izen for writing the Ideal Book, it has been wonderful to have, so much so, we have two of them.  I plum destroyed the first one in my hunger to learn about Ideal Dolls.  If you don't have that book, I highly recommend your getting one soon.

All of her clothing and props are brand new. I was thinking about putting a white satin double sided ribbon in her hair instead of the bonnet...Would you like for us to send the ribbon with her as well?  The bonnet that goes with the dress is a bit small since she has a rather large head.  So we had one made by our seamstress Lois at: toniwear.com who happens to be one of the better seamstresses I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  It is certainly a good thing we had it.  Thank you Lois..Send an invoice, would you?  So, if you want the other smaller bonnet that matches her dress, remember to ask us and we will add that in along with the one she is wearing in the huge box we will need to send her in.  We will need to order a custom box for this doll because we will be sending her to the most fortunate new owner in her cradle with a ton of pink tissue paper stuffed all around her.  This reminds me I have to order more tissue..I do think I am keeping them in business as much as we use in our shipping. I don't much care for the bubble wrap we have been using lately...it can collect moisture on a doll's painted surface.  Not good.  I depend on Priority to get the dolls to the customer very quickly before that would occur...Pink tissue for us is the way to go from here on out.  

We attached the grosgrain pink ribbon to the brand new Cradle as you can see so folding it up is not an option any more so a large box is necessary.  She will come with all the new clothing and I was thinking about trying to get a replica hangtag for her if I can find one.  Not sure I can.  Love the hang tags.  If I don't show that I have gotten one when you read this book I am writing then ask me about one and we will see if we can find one for you.

I hope you noticed not just her clothing but the new PRAM. What a beautiful set.  The ribbon reads: "It's A Girl"...not much guessing here...for sure.

Well I have played dolls long enough for one day so if you have any questions, please know that we appreciate the interest you have just reading our book here on this ad and looking at our prized and loved Dryper Baby. Feel very free to contact us, we love meeting other's who enjoy the dolls like we do and get by now in life under the disguise of "Collecting" just to play with them again.  God Bless!

We Recommend Judith Izen's Book:

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