About my Loving Parents whom Saucy Walker's Corner has been dedicated to "In Their Memory"  My Daddy: L.T. Hale and my Mother: Mary Nell Hale.  They were my parents who always worked together well on their creations.  My Father, Letcher T. Hale was the first official carpenter to ever serve in the Army's "Air Corp" before it was known as the "Air Force".  He was in charge over seas in the 1940's of a group of men who built various things for  US President Harry S. Truman personally.  I remember well, in the 1970's when my father worked for Mickey Mantel in his Dallas Offices building custom cabinetry for him.  Daddy was excellent at carpentry as he had done that type of work since boyhood.  Daddy taught me the art of bow making when I was a wee child and for that I dedicate that part of  Saucy Walker's Corner  back to him with all the love and appreciation I had for him as I was "Daddy's Little Girl".  I miss him so very much. He was born in 1919 and passed away October of 1998. 

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My mother Mary Nell Hale was very creative as she painted everything she saw practically.  Her claim to fame was a painting of a farm that she grew up on during the depression.  That painting was posted in a newspaper. Mom, who was born in 1922, passed away while living with us here in Oklahoma, June 15, 2008.  We miss her dearly. She had the Doll Collector's Heart and although I never had that heart for collecting, she passed to me the heart to restore the dolls and give back to the collectors who love them so dearly. We pray that  God will bring blessings to their new owners. 

So many things my parents gave to me but the greatest thing any parents can leave their children with is the love of God that lives within us and the introduction of who he is in our lives.  Thank You Mom And Daddy. 

Only A Few Of Mom's Paintings Below