My Own Doll (Formally known as our "Logo Doll") was the reason I started "Saucy Walker's Corner".  Now it is her time for restoration except now she will be returning back to our Logo Doll once again.


See her story below.


It has been a long time coming.  The first Saucy Walker and only Saucy Walker lovingly given to me by my parents ( so long ago.  An IDEAL 22" Saucy Walker between the years 1952 and 1953.

Here is her story:  When my Mother finally gave her back to me in 2007 after I begged her for years to return her to me so I could pass her on to my own daughter.  The feeling I had when I saw her again was that she brought back many memories.  Here is the way she was as I remember:

I had no idea that my mother still had her original pinafore as Dr, Hubby and I accidentally ran across it in our attic one day.  I sat there and cried as Mom had lived with us before she passed and we must have mistaken the box for one of ours and stored the box without opening it while she was still with us.  Just to see that pinafore in perfect condition once again for the first time in 56 years was overwhelming.  I was so grateful in my heart that she had stored it away safely.

We have restored many Saucy Walker dolls and all the while I kept telling my own doll that one day she would be next.  We had her all dressed as our Logo doll as we started this business selling fake foods only.  However she had never been fully restored.  Then when a lady wanted the Posie doll in the Happy Birthday Image below it gave me an idea to begin selling Saucy Walker Dolls.  Then on to the restoration for all the little girls that played with their Saucy Walker dolls in the 1950's as I was doing myself.  We all want to get the dolls ready to pass on and that brings up another fact.

My daughter is more or less like me, we do not want to collect dolls, only the dolls that mean something to us personally.  So I thought Shawna, my daughter would not really want my doll and because Madison, my granddaughter, is the one who had more interest in the dolls we repaired my Saucy should go to her.  Not So it seems...Today I found that it is Shawna who really wants her and she wants her restored back to the way she appeared as our Logo doll in which so many dolls were ordered from us to look just like her.  So that we will do. She wants memories of this business that we started when she was living with us a few years ago.  We had put her Logo doll things on other dolls and now we will go back to the places we purchased her things and do it again.

This restoration may take some time but we will eventually, once again, have our own Logo Doll Look back again on her in the real.  We pray that Shawna will one day display her along with this story and share her memory with many young girls and know that the little spirit I once thought my Saucy Walker to have when I was small will live on eternally.

Thank you for your Interest and watch for Updates on this, her web site.  

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Before shows how she looked when Mom let me have her back again. My first attempts at hair styling looks like.  All that long hair gone in a flash back then.  It is no wonder she took her away from me.  Had she not done that "Saucy Walker's Corner" would have never been a reality to us and so many grateful "Baby Boomers".














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