This seems to be a late 1940's Cindy Doll by Horsman made possibly of Plastisol. Her name is Cindy  and was called that name by her owner Vivian when she was 5 or 6 years old. The doll is made very unusual and is a non-walker according to the "Hard Plastic Dolls" book. The "Y" on her back with the two dimples were not suppose to be walkers.  But it has been our experience that doll companies back then did what they wanted to test the market or just because they needed to change up a few things.  Just because it is written on paper that they are suppose to be this or that does not mean it is so for all of their dolls.  Her owner said she walked and throughout our inspection of her, there were walking parts missing when we got her as the photos show below but never the less, she is a display doll now and has gone through a series of very difficult, heart wrenching and harsh treatments to save her plastic life (Many photos and explanations have not been added to this page.  Only her owner and the two of us know everything about her...She is a miracle doll.) Cindy has once again now, a chance at living with the sweet spirit Vivian gave her when she thought her doll to be real.  

  This following section was written when we first got her:

There is much to be accomplished to bring this doll back to "Like-New" including the way she smells at this time.  We are searching for the origin of that smell presently and will hope to locate it soon. Another Doll Hospital was unable to succeed in this venture and I am praying we can do it for Vivian and all those who have dolls that have been turned away by another establishment.  So stay tuned and continue to follow her progress to see just what we can actually accomplish.  By the time we are finished and you see her finishing photos we will have sanitized this doll inside and out in hopes to control the odor.  Her original dress is in excellent condition and she has one original leatherette black shoe.  Lois will be making her a gorgeous replica dress and Michele (with "This Old Doll" ) is duplicating her original shoes and socks. Follow us from time to time to see what is happening with this charming doll's outcome.  See the Before and Restoration photos below.  Thank you for your interest.

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Next comes her entire clothing photos.  What a Glamour doll Cindy has turned out to be!


First 1940's Horsman doll to ever be cured by Dr. Hubby.


This dolls head has two strings from the top of her head to her legs. It is described in "HARD PLASTIC DOLL" 3rd Edition Page 107 under Horsman.  I am almost certain this is a "Cindy" Walker by: Horsman Early version 1946-1949 Flesh painted Plastisol doll gathered from all of my extensive research.  Later dolls had coloring inside the plastic when the doll was molded.  The early versions were painted after the molding process.

This arm does not have the piece of metal like the left arm does below.

We also are thinking, but not certain that this stringing is newer than the original and does not match the stringing from her head to her legs.


The torso's left leg opening above on the inside has a half disc for walking.  The torso's leg opening on the right did not have the disc at all for walking and as we found, she is not a walker.  The seat pattern on her in the shape of a "Y" with the two dimples was the identification of a Horsman Cindy doll that was a non-walker.   The stringing from the top of her head inside to her legs is the original stringing, however the stringing she had on her arms is much different and looks to be newer.  We will restring her arms with the elastic cord tubing  for strength.

The left arm has a long piece of metal to stop the arm from moving or swinging around as the child walks the doll but this particular doll is a non-walker so Horsman left out certain parts that would have made her a full walker.  The right arm does not have that metal or at least it was not there when we took the arm out.

Finally I think I have found a remedy.  The odor is like that of "Rotten Eggs" and that would be Hydrogen Sulfide.  Just 15 minutes of baking soda has almost cured the smell on the doll and the odor in the sunroom. YES!  The arms and legs are soaking in a few cups of watered down Baking soda also.  Will be leaving them for 24 hours to test this idea.  I filled the doll's torso inside with it and in her head.  This looks hilarious I know but if it works and stays working, what a joy for all of us.  Believe me, if it does not solve the issue, we will do everything from Lemon oil to peppermint oil next.

 Since the photo, I have sealed the two dolls with clear plastic to keep the baking soda only absorbing the odor from them.  The arms and legs have already started to smell like metal parts and plastic again finally.

Lil Miss Cindy and our doll have been sunbathing.  Cindy has not only had her arms and legs soaked in baking soda over night but she has been washed inside and out in the following:  Vinegar, Antibacterial soap, and coated heavily inside her head, torso and arms  and outside all parts as well with Peroxide and other strong and powerful solutions.

Our Reliable, now in another location has completely rid her odor.  Yours is hopeful as we continue to pursue.

Vivian: The only way to remove the head was the follow the factory's pathway into the head from an existing entrance that Dr. Hubby followed while he followed their outline.  The wig may or may not be saved but I will give it my best try.  She has been sterilized completely and ready for her next restoration procedures.  If I find it is at  best with all that in involved to replace the wig, I will inform you of the head measurement.  With her eyes out I will have the opportunity to polish them with our machine now.  Sorry that you have to see your a baby like this but look at this as her new birth.

Vivian: Here she is with her first layer of paint and sealer inside and out. LOL you are not going to recognize her one of these days.  More to come, take your time because time is what we need right now. We can let you know possibly two weeks in advance, giving Lois time to make the dress. I hope you picked the dress and pinafore that the Bright Star had on in the black and white image with the hat.  You can get the hat at:  I saw one similar the other day on that site. When the photos of her eyebrows and lower lashes appear on this page, time to order lil dress, hat and shoes. However, by the time the last layer dries, I will be ready to do all that and email you first.   Lots of paint and lots of sealer to go yet..  Ordered many moisture packets to put inside the arms and torso and head when the last layers eventually are dry and we re-string her.  This will help you in the humid climate there at your home for a while until you can figure out something else later on.  Nice to see her face matching the body now.  The photo on the right is more what she looks like in the real.  There are shadows on the arm and leg in the back on the first photo up there.

Filling her inside with paint and letting the paint drip out.






Here are her eyes now after much cleaning and machining the metal to take off the rust and smell.  The weight and the metal has been sprayed with a thick coat of sealer.





Her face is drying in his office window with the fan showing our back patio. and so will be yet another coat of paint. Dr. Hubby was not satisfied with the head paint so sometime this week he will be air brushing her head again.


Just chemical smells from paint and sealer.

Eye weight has 4 layers of sealer.

Legs are loaded with paint inside and dry now.

Moisture Packet Glued Inside The Head.

New teeth and felt tongue.

Blushing and paint on the eyebrows left yet to do on face.