This is an adorable and precious 22" Look-A-Like Saucy Walker Doll owned by Valerie.  Valerie is the female singer with a Bronx, New York group known as:  "The Legendary Chords".  

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Hair is wet and clean now.  She will have a head full of long curls in about a week or two.  Her hair will be styled once the body has been painted and has dried.  Her bangs were trimmed and now all the same length.  The angle of the photo makes it look as if she does not still have her teeth but do not fear they are still there and beautiful and clean.

The weather here has been wet and we have not gotten her paint yet because that store is in the town where our other home is located.  We have to wait for the grass to dry before we mow all three properties. Just waiting for drier weather before we make the trip. Will post photos of her body when Dr. Hubby paints her.





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