A Surprise Restoration For Tom's Wife (Such a thoughtful husband!)

This is Tom's wife's doll that she had in her childhood days.  Tom wants her to have this cherished doll restored back to "Like New" for Christmas for a surprise for her as her heart has been broken because of the torso being destroyed recently.  

We are going to do our best to make this a reality in the limited time that we have.  It will be thrilling for her to see her baby like new once again.  Because a grandchild they have fell with the doll recently... the Saucy Walker suffered major cracks in her torso.  Because it was broken apart so badly we suggested Tom to send only her parts and we would supply another vintage torso for her.  The cost to restore the doll's torso would be too expensive it would not be wise to do so. 

Let's all pray that his wife does not find her doll missing.  We are trying to get her back as soon as we can before that would happen. 

Come back from time to time to see progress on this loved doll.  

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Her original shoes were replacement shoes from an earlier doll.  The 1951 dolls wore the leatherette shoes but they were mostly while ones.  Her socks you sent were replacement socks as well.

We believe, because of her eye mechanism construction that your doll was made sometime in 1952 or possibly after1952.

We are donating the vintage white vinyl shoes to your wife for Christmas that you see in the photos and the better socks because the Saucy Walker doll walks better in the vinyl than the leatherette shoes.

She is Adorable now.  Hope she makes your wife happy.  Thank you for the opportunity to surprise her.



Stay tuned, lots more work ahead.




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