Jan's "CINDI LOU" an IDEAL Saucy Walker Childhood doll.  See the BEFORE photos below. 


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Wow, her hair turned out wonderful!  It is soaking wet in these photos and her shine came back a little bit more.  Used very hot water AFTER I re-styled the hair into braids to keep down on the old scalp thread from giving way as it always does when wet after 50ish years. Very little hair loss that way.  You cannot see any scalp showing now.  She will be wearing her ribbons at the top to keep down any attention to the small spot in the back where there was hair loss.  Pulled the hair more downwards to cover the area where hair was lost also.  The last photo above makes it appear to have hair there on her neck but actually her neck is clear of hair like the photo on the left above.  The dark spot on the photo on the right below her hair is a shadow.  Going to ask Fr. Hubby if he would spritz the Air Spray paint a tiny bit on the patched plastic compound in the finished body photos way below here.  Will show you the body again when he does that.  He normally works one to two days on the dolls so I have to catch him during the week from time to time.  Slows things down at times.  Notice her shiny mouth now and cleaned well.  Cheek blushing and eye shadow will be done later.  Need to machine polish the eyes and set them back in along with the preventative platforms we created to keep her eyes from rolling and sinking first.

Dr. Hubby is applying the patches on her torso now.

Will photo her when she is finished.





She has been sanded and sealed. Almost like new.  A good plastic compound was used.  Her plastic looks so much softer now.  Hands and knees blushed.

<----We painted over the patches.





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