Renee's Little Look-a-Like 22' Saucy Walker.  Her body is so close to the Hercules Acetate that Ideal used for their Saucy Walkers, we think Ideal might have manufactured this doll for another company. If someone has a doll like this one, please contact us to let us know who the manufacturer might be.

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weight of Ideals 



We had the paint for her blended and was told that the glossy would hold up better when the parts are rubbed together.  So it is a tiny bit shinier as you can see in one coat on the inside of her shoulder joint at the top of her arm.  The satin tends to rub off easier at the joints where this should not as you already know about on your Impco doll. Dr, hubby will be sanitizing her after he gets her legs off.

After the water hits the wig the thread is weak on all Saucy Walker Dolls so we are allowing her hair and all the threads to dry.  In the back we need to glue the hair at the neckline before we comb out the curls and style it.  We use the rubber bands to hold the hair in place because of the threads and the fact her hair style needs the straighter hair from the crown down to the curls.  In her face photo you can see the rubber band under her nose..poor baby.  We took out her teeth and the felt tongue and will replace only the felt.  The teeth are still in great condition.  Her eyes are cleaned and the polish solution is drying on each eye so we can machine polish them later. These are not Saucy eyes, but more like your Impco Doll's eyes and I decided they are perfect and the weight in her head is so much better than the Impco so I did not unclamp them which of course is more of a value to the doll.

If you will notice above in the BEFORE photos, she does have a nick on her nose and Dr. Hubby will have to touch it up with this new paint.  Hope it works and not too shiny in one spot.  Her face does not need re-painting.

Eyes cleaned and shine from the polishing, lips shine now, new felt tongue and teeth cleaned, face cleaned and polished, hair of course cleaned but now glued back on her head and drying for days now. Her hair still has the original curls.  Once the glue is dried we will refresh the hairdo and fluff up the curls at the neckline.


We are so pleased with the matching of the custom blended paint on the body and the original paint color on the head.  This doll will appear to be brand new when we finish.  One more coat of paint on the body and she will be ready to put back together. 

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