Ramona's 23" 1955 Saucy Walker Doll #2 by: Ideal Toy Corp. 


This doll is a Saucy Walker but has a vinyl Face.  This 23" Saucy Walker is very Rare.  We have only seen one doll like her but our doll had brunette hair.  This is not a Posie Face.  Notice the straight legs and different tummy grill.  IDEAL DOLL on her back and Ideal Doll And SW 23 on her neck.


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Click On The Images For A Larger View.
Here she is with sparkling curled hair, eye lids cleaned, eyes polished, lips shining. She also had a bath.  She will be in the rollers up until the time she is ready to dress up for her Mommy.  She has yet to go through surgery to disappear the crack on her shoulder blade area.   Dr. Hubby will be "Air Brushing" her soon in our beautiful satin Saucy Blended paint from neck to little toes.  More photos will follow when her surgery begins starting Friday or Saturday.

Our Christmas Eve Doll.  Dr. Hubby has been working all day on her and the photos above are just the beginning.  He reported to me that there was an attempt at a repair on her once before inside of her.  Nothing however stands in his way.  He has reformed the leg holes inside already and has worked on everything he found wrong even the splits in both of her arms.  Too much to mention actually.  At this late hour he now has got her ready for Air Brushing and you will not recognize her body.  He has even reworked her head connection.  So stay tuned for more of the best.  God Bless.


12-25-09 AND 12-26-09 Now Look At Her!!

12-25-09 - Ramona:  Oh how beautiful your baby is now!!  See the light blushing Dr. Hubby did and the area with the gaping hole is now gone and her body is like-new with her"air Brushed" painting.  When he handed her to me with her head attached I hugged her and talked "Baby-Talk" to her!!!  Oh she is PRECIOUS!  I saw her smiling!! (I sure hope those who do not share our Doll playing joy will undertand that we are not really as insane as we sound, we just love these dolls that are so loved by their owners!) As Dr. Hubby can be he noticed one leg was not clicking like he wanted it to so he took her back from me and took her apart again and made that leg work correctly.  She walks like a dream.  We will make her video once we have her all dressed and ready.  So after he fixed her leg he found a little tiny spot and ended up spray painting it.  I have said often that he is more of a perfectionist than I am and I have O.C.D. also. HA! So here she is and will be for a day or so to dry.  He insisted on the plastic around her waist to prevent scratching while her chest is drying.  I am so anxious to see that hair soon!!! I need to re-read your emails to see what color of hair bow she will have.  We have been working for the past three days straight on nothing but doll bodies...giggle.



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