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Pennie's 24 1/2 " "Rita" Walking Doll By" Paris

A replica dress, slip and Onesie was made for this doll by our seamstress: "Toni Wear" (Lois). We freshened her hair, put in the bows, painted her finger tips, touched up her lips, polished her eyes and made sure she is very clean.  Her walking is excellent. Beautiful Doll.

The Photos Make The Story.

BEFORE (Click On Images)
RESTORATION (Click On Images)  
Washed her hair and curling her bangs for a smoother roll.  Her wig was coming off all around her face so we glued it back.  Her bangs will settle lower on her forehead when we are finished.  One braid was shorter than the other so we evened them.  On both sides of the wig a child had cut her hair quite a lot so we filtered the hair among the longer until it was not noticeable at all. We painted her left eye lid where the paint was scratched off.  We polished her eyes, and we painted her lips and got rid of the overflow on her left upper lip as shown above in the BEFORE photos.  Finger tips have been painted and both shoulders were lightly sanded where the paint was coming off and the plastic joint rubs together.

(The red shoes she is wearing are vintage Cinderella Shoes that we have temporarily put on her to keep her from sliding off her new Doll Stand)

We polished the shoes that were dull and glued the soles back on where they were coming apart.  We had to apply a clear shiny substance in spots where the shoes had lost the patent shine.  




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