Here is a sweet 1955 23" Vinyl Face IDEAL TOY CORP/ Saucy Walker with a vinyl face.  She was sent to us from Patsy, her new Mommy.  Patsy had always wanted a Saucy Walker from the early years of childhood and recently managed to find this one.

However as you can see, whomever it was (we may never know), my heart goes out to the lady who spent hours if not weeks, creating crocheted arms for what might have been her own childhood doll at one point.  Because the Saucy Walker doll parts cannot be bought in a parts store, this poor lady had to do something for this doll, so this method was all she had.  She also made a crocheted dress (Not here with us) to match the arms so the arms would not appear as noticeable at a glance as in the photo above.

Lois Pearson, our well known seamstress has made an adorable Polka dot (white and red) dress for this baby and we are adding the white vinyl shoes and identical replica socks from Spain that the Saucy Walker dolls were sold in.

Please do not fail to return from time to time to see Updated restoration photos of her in progress and eventually looking like new.  Thank you so much for your interest.


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She is on her new Kaiser Doll Stand and has temp. shoes on to keep her from slipping.  Her body will be restored tonight or in a few days.  She has to have a full body Air Brushing because once Dr. Hubby patches that shoulder and puts her new arms on, we want her to look even in color all over.  You will like it.

See note and photo below these to see why her hair is rolled like this.

Her hair is Wonderful and thick.  No child cut it.  I trimmed the sides to be equal in length.  You can see the hair also pulled up in a pony tail where the ribbon will go.  The rest of the hair should be in ringlets.  I will have to wait and see how the ringlets turn out.

Her eyes have been shinned and her lips are shiny now also.  She will have cheek blushing and eye shadow soon.

Here is a doll we sold who had hair similar to your Doll's hair.  Your doll's hair is rolled to resemble this hair style.  She will also have a red bow just like this one.  Double Sided Satin.

Her dress, as you know will also have the red dots.  Her shoes will be like these exceot white. Won't she be a beauty!!!

These are CINDERELLA SHOES That I painted.  Bright White.  CINDERELLA are vintage and rare.

She walks with big steps and glides. HA! Just hold her hand to walk her.  Head turns with each step.  NO MORE HOLE IN BACK SHOULDER!!!  I cannot even see an out line of it.  Dr. Hubby is a genius!

Getting her dressed today is my plan anyway.  She has very light eye shadow and Dr. Hubby sprayed the sealer over the cheeks.  That is why a bit of shine on them.  I am going to re-shine her lips and see if they show up better.

Will contact you once she is finished and has photos posted on her web page either today or tomorrow possibly.

Stay tuned, lots more work ahead.





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