Pam's 19" "McGuffey Ana" Doll Composition

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11-22-09 Click On Each Photo To Enlarge.  Finishing Photos Next After These.
Pam...Dr. Hubby wanted me to show you these photos so you would get scared...hahahaha  And that is what you get for buying old dolls all the time just so we have to fix them up and bring them back to new. hahahahahahaha
Now he wants you to see that once he was only a gun and knife man turned Dr. Doll Hubby...and the 'Blood Sweat and Tears" he suffers just for you!!  hahahahahaha (Snort) (Notice the cut?)
Yep, He cut himself! 
10-7-09 - Pam, her bangs are going to be better than you saw them and like she was when she was new.  We are taking extra effort with her because she is so special.  What a gorgeous doll for a 193o's composition.  I am starting to love these McGuffey Ana dolls.  So Sweet and innocent.  Her eyes are excellent.
These were taken this morning (10-7-09)  after Dr. Hubby worked on them late last night.  This is Milliput Compound that is applied under the paint for compo dolls.  He even added a sealer for the arm before he put the white on her arm.  That arm was the worst I had ever seen but all her fingers are in tact and the arm will be gorgeous when finished.  He should be painting her Friday or Saturday.  More photos on the way then.  I got word that her dress is finished from Lois.  Have you word yet about her hat and her red shoes?
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