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  Here are Paige's two beautiful dolls.  One is Madame Alexander 1948-1949 Plastic "Karen Ballerina" a very rare doll, the other is a "Raving Beauty" by: Artisian.  Lois will be making their gorgeous replica outfits and Michele (with "This Old Doll" ) is duplicating original shoes and socks. Follow us from time to time to see what is happening with this charming doll's outcome.  See the Before and Restoration photos below.  Thank you for your interest.

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 FINISHING PHOTOS -Both Dolls In Replicas Of Original Clothing
1948-1949 Plastic M.A. "Karen Ballerina" 1950 Artisian "Raving Beauty"



Paige, here is the Raving after a shampoo and set.  I would like to add how forfunate you are to have a doll with either a Ravon wig or real human hair and the best made wig I have ever seen on a doll. I did the burn and smell test and it smells like human hair and acts like human hair.  I read somewhere that human hair wigs were used and so far have had one doll with it already.  The Raving Beauty doll we had did have her original wig and it acted more like mohair and nothing like this one...and I had to take it off.  I am thinking now this wig was applied at the factory as it is so professionally glued to the head with no signs of it being a replaced wig.  I could be wrong but do not thinks so.  I am looking forward to styling it now.  Gorgeous hair.

Also, as you know we will be re-blushing her cheeks but the more I stare at her the more I am thinking we will throw in a very light bit of eye shadow as well.  Her eyes are so clear with such white in them that the eye shadow will make them even more beautiful.  I have cleaned them.  Will be putting more shine on her lips as well.  Whom ever the child was that had this doll took real good care of her. By any chance was this your childhood doll?

Paige:  Here is your Karen Ballerina doll sanded and waiting to be Air Brushed.  We are planning to get custom blended paint to match her face for the body.  Dr. Hubby should be able to get that done by Sunday. 

Below is Karen Air Brush Painted.  We had the paint matched today custom at the store.  It is 99% perfect match.  We searched the town over for the pink flowers but ended up ordering them online.  Is Michelle ( finished with her ballerina hose and shoes? Karen's cheeks have been blushed lightly.


Paige...See note above these four photos.

The Raving and The Karen now have new blushing and the Raving also has new eye shadow.

All of the Raving's green spots (Their plastic is colored green) have been air brushed now. Towel on the Raving to keep the metal from the doll stand from scuffing her. Huge temp. shoes to keep her from sliding.

  Here Dr. Hubby is spraying a clear sealer on Karen's body part. It makes the paint look more like real skin, a wonderful and delicate look.
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