Here is Nancy's 22" IDEAL Saucy Walker

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 NANCY's Childhood 22" "Ideal Toy Corp. Saucy Walker" 

 What an original beauty she is!!  

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12-21-09 Nancy - Here is your Baby Girl with a shiny mouth and brand new teeth.  She also has her braids re-styloed to her original.  Green double satin bows will go on the bows once we wash her hair and make it smell real good.  We always style the braids BEFORE washing as the thread in the wigs on these dolls are so weakened, once washed and styled if still wet. So we style the hair first.  Her eyes are not repaired yet but look good above.  They will be polished.  Our question is this:  She has a green scratch, green because the raw plastic is green, so the paint is gone on her forehead.  We will go ahead and spritz that spot with our "Air Brush".  While we are at it do you want her eye shadow freshened and her cheek blush?  She is a bit pale.  Let me know.
Below the 2 photos show the eyes have been polished and the lids have only the first coat of paint on the sockets. The eye on the right has a lens that was trying to fall out so we lightly glued it top and bottom. The little scratches are still on the whites but we do not have the exact color of paint to match here.  Just shows the doll is an expensive and real original doll, not to mention cherished by her Mommy!  The orange will not show.  It is stain from the 50's glue that was used to glue the lashes to the sockets.
12-26-09 - Hi Nancy below is the finished body all original except for the blushing on hands and knees.  She has been patched under her arm very nicely.  We did not paint it because we wanted to leave her as original as possible.  Her eye lids were RE-PAINTED by Dr. Hubby so it took some extra time to dry.  He did not like how I did them, so now I have to admit they are perfect eye lids.  I want to go crawl into a hole. HA!  Her head is sitting here beside me and I plan on putting her eyes in very soon.  Will let you know when I do.  I would like to put her green hair bows in also.  I think that is what we decided.  Tell me if I am wrong. She walks like brand new.  We will video her walking when finished.  God Bless You!!
Nancy:  Keeping her body original, Dr. Hubby reinforced the split on the inside.
Dr. Hubby repainted her eye lids to perfection. Love the bright white teeth!








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