These are Nancy's two childhood dolls.  We are hoping to get them ready for Christmas possibly.  Ginny's head fell off only a few weeks ago when she was taking her childhood doll to show her granddaughter.  Because the head had fallen off is the main reason she sent her to us.  The old IDEAL rubber band that had broken was still in her head.

The Saucy Walker's name is "Ginny".  Ginny's crier works!  IDEAL DOLL on her neck and IDEAL DOLL marked on her back.

Here Ginny is now and the Cisette Doll now, both dolls back home:




After I finally inspected this doll's eyes once I got her logged in made her photos for the web page I noticed something major about her that we have never seen.  I contacted Nancy to see if possibly someone had replaced the Flirty Eyes for the Sleepy eyes mechanism.  She wrote me back and this is what she said:

"No one has owned her except me and we have never done any work on her.  She has been a play doll and not a collector's doll.  She has been in storage for many years.

I was born in 1946 and would have gotten her when I was around 4-5 and lived in New York.  By age 7 my favorite doll was a Madame Alexander Wendy Ann as I remember getting Ginny Doll (The Saucy Walker Doll) clothes when I had my tonsils out. So maybe 1951-52."

Her eye clamp looks to have never been removed as we can tell when a doll has been repaired in the past.  The band that held her head on was an IDEAL old vintage rubber band.

What does this mean?  This would be an IDEAL Saucy Walker Collector's question.  Our answer is this:  This 1951 IDEAL Saucy Walker 22" Doll is the most RARE doll of the famous IDEAL 22"Saucy Walker dolls that we have ever run across.  She was given the sleepy eyes instead of the "Flirty Eyes" by the factory.  All indications point to that fact.  This doll could have been one of the very first 22" Saucy Walker dolls manufactured by  IDEAL BEFORE the flirty eyes were created for the Saucy Walker Dolls to come later in that year of 1951.  These type eyes,  however much smaller, were used in the 16" IDEAL Saucy Walker Doll's head.  I love seeing History come to life concerning the famous IDEAL Saucy Walker Dolls.

Here is a photo of the inside of the Saucy Walker doll's head.

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