Here is Judy's childhood IDEAL 16" Saucy Walker Doll Named "SUSAN" needing to be brought back to like new.  You will be thrilled with her outcome.  Come back often to see what we are up to.  

She looks to be a rare early issue Saucy Walker by IDEAL 16"  See below what Dr. Hubby has explained about it.  We also had to replace her eyes with a better set of eyes from a rather expensive 16" IDEAL SAUCY WALKER.  We tried so hard to save the original eyes but because of the warping and the piece of metal holding the thin plastic eye in place, it was all done in vain.

Here she is at Christmas.

Thank you for your Interest.

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This doll should only be used as a Display doll.  Her replacement eyes are very delicate but beautiful  and when laying down on her back the eyes seem to want to once in a while sink back, If this should happen as you raise her back up just shake her and they go right back into place.  And her head is mounted on a different device than we have ever seen.  She has to be among the rarest ones constructed at the factory.  Her head is great for posing and is attached with the widest elastic band we have EVER used on any doll.

Your Doll with the removable rubber disc inside the head. Another 16" IDEAL SW Reg IDEAL16 SW on left  with curved insert.- Your's on the right with the flat shelf to hold the disc. Unusual.

Just a bit about your doll. The head doesn't turn side to side as she walks. I don't know if it ever did, you can probably tell me this. However, when we took her apart, there was a rubber riser which fits down into the neck cavity, and it has a convex parabolic shape which matches into the concave plastic seat which goes up into the head against a shelf made for it. This all works just fine, however, there is no obvious device which secures the head assembly to the center shaft through the body as it turns which (if secured to head) would force the turning action as she walked. The walker works nice now, and everything is tight as it should be. You just don't have the head moving side to side as she walks, and from the parts made as they are, I can't see that it ever had this action, unless her head had been removed before for some reason, and a part was left out when reassembling. She is a beauty though.


Dr Hubby




Most all 16" IDEAL Saucy Walkers Dolls have to have this procedure above done to them because inside these dolls there is a metal thick wire that is curved around their crier boxes.  Over time the sides on these doll warp inside and press against the wire causing the metal disc inside to rub up against the plastic which, in turn, causes the walking mechanism not to work freely.  So therefore also causing her not to be able to take steps easily.  This is why we do not sell them anymore.  More work to be done on them than the 22" dolls.

So now you see she came through it alright and now beautifully painted so her new arms will match her whole body.  Now on the other hand, the eyes....Holy cow....I am having to heat them ( both were warped pretty badly) to hopefully bring them back into the round.  I successfully installed her new lashes, drying in this photo and have cut them down to size since this photo but Oh Boy!!! I cannot make them stable on the teenie tiny metal piece yet so they won't roll.  I will have to glue them in place on that metal piece which will give them stability and they will open and close as always but the eye lids will need to be painted before I install them.  I have yet to heat up the new eyelash eye and if I cannot get them perfect, would you give me permission to purchase another 16" doll (the only way we can get parts for these old dolls) and replace both green eyes?  No extra fee to you, we will swallow it financially because we are having a hard time repairing the original ones because of their condition not seen from the outside before hand.. I am still going to give it every bit of knowledge and effort I have before I decide is is impossible to save them.   

We got your new wig in and it is gorgeous.

This plastic is almost paper thin and hard to work with on those lil thin metal holders.  Not impressed with the technology on these type of eyes.

Head is on temp to show you it is your baby. The wig is in the box behind her.

<--  Looks like I finally saved 

the eyes.  

Got them in the round 

the best I

could.  Now we need to 

paint the eye lids.

The installed lashes on the right 

in this photos look good.

<---Susan's New Shoes Our Compliments.





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