Mary Jane's 22"Saucy Walker Repair Doll by: Ideal Toy Corp.

We Can Do it!! May take a little while but she will look like new when we are finished.

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<---Doll has been patched and Air 

Brushed.  Blushing Hands and Knees is 

the next process.

All parts match now.


<--The dent in her cheek will prevent 

us from Finishing the eye and teeth

repair until she is sanded and our 

plastic compound is used to fill the dent

then base paint air brushing and then

the final blushing.  More photos later.

Takes time but well worth it.

<---Body Dry- Walker Perfect.  

Next is blushing on hands and knees, then the head's cheek crack filled, base paint, then cheeks blushed and eye shadow and so on.


No Photo but knees and hands are and have been blushed and ready to go.


New teeth, Mouth refreshed, Eyes polished and repaired, Eye blushing added, Preventative platforms inside the head to prevent rolling, deep scratch repaired, base paint and blush.  Next photos will be of her finishing photos in a day or so.
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