Marge's Rare 22" Earlier Issued Ideal Toy Corp. Saucy Walker with a rod from her head into her torso instead of a band connecting the head to the neck plate.

Dear Sheryl,

Words are inadequate to express my appreciation for the amazing work you and your husband, Cary, have done in restoring my Saucy Walker. I am in awe of your skill.

I know that Saucy was a challenge from the start, with her central rod, deep facial cuts, "wonky" eyes, open seams and unusual skin tone and very aged clothing. I had seen your website and chose you because I knew of your skill. I was overjoyed to discover that you are also superb artists. Your talent, creativity, ingenuity, and perseverance overcame all of the challenges. My Saucy looks the way I remember her as a child (maybe even better than I remember). It's amazing, as well, how beautifully you were able to restore her original clothing to new.

I also truly appreciated and enjoyed all of your communications and photos throughout this process. I feel so privileged to have met you and to have experienced your excitement in what you do so well. I will certainly recommend you to anyone I meet who needs doll restoration.

I plan to return to your website often to watch your progress with other dolls. May you continue to bring as much joy to others as you have brought to me. Thank you so much for everything.
All my best,

The photos will tell the story:

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All Of Us Here At Saucy Walker's Corner 9-03-09 (Shawna, Cary & Sheryl)


REPAIR PHOTOS (Click On Photos For larger Viewing)

Original Shoes Re-Soled.  We put stuffing in the toe area to prevent the wrinkling of the brittle leatherette material.
We washed her hair and conditioned it.  It is still wet in these photos. We curled the bangs as she originally had long curly bangs rolled in a banana bang style.  We had to do all of this before we take her head off because when we do, she will have a long rod coming from inside her head that connects to the rod in the torso at the arm opening area.  Once the head is removed we then can repair the eyes and polish them and try to repair the scratches on the right side of her forehead and cheek area.
Hi Mommy!!!  This Spa Place Is Fun!! They let me stay up late.
Mommy...You should see all the pretty dollies here with me, they are everywhere.
The one next to me that I am looking at is REAL tall Mommy and she has a real pretty dress .
There is my body Mommy and Dr. Saucy Lady is going to perform cosmetic surgery on me 
now and the next time you see me I will be put all together.  Love you Mommy!!
Above are the patches before we sand the body and paint the patches on the outside.  We have used a plastic compound that is drying at present.  We have sealed the seams that were split and the cracks by gluing and also patching with the compound on the inside of the doll for future support.  Both of the arm openings and one complete shoulder.
Marge:  Dr. Hubby is right now at this moment painting over the red area on the face and trying to blend the more pink color.  That indeed is a challenge but we have our ways of overcoming.  So Pray!
Prays answered!!  We combined another tone with the Saucy Blend.  Saucy faces are always darker than the bodies especially with age.  We do not sand the faces except for this small area of your Baby girls' face and to get the color to blend with the aged areas....I think we got real close but have to wait till it dries for about 3-4 days, then we will know for sure.  Today is 8-14-09
Thicker and over-lapping patch because we have learned that dainty and thin patches never hold in this area because of the rod being seated here and the movement from the doll walking stresses this area.  Painting later.
UPDATE 8-28-09

Painting done in Satin below to match original color of this rare and first edition doll in 1951.  Special Blended.  Lips are original, no touch up painting on her lips were needed.  We used a solution to prevent the paint from sticking to her lips.

Click On Photos For Larger Viewing.

Right side of her face painted.  Now on to the left side. Perfect blend of satin paint to match forehead. Scratches are not as prominent either. Preparation Before Applying Paint.
Recovering from Base Paint surgery. Blushing Surgery In Progress.  Special blended for satin and exact color of the Saucy Blush.
Done!!! Now for the Window Test.  Looking Good!!! Paint blends well with her original color.  This is the perfection we were looking for.

Lips are original, No touch up needed.

Window test success!!!
AND the outside test SUCCESS!!!! Yes!  Now she is in the Special Doll Room Sleeping.  She has been through a lot today.  Stay tuned for her finishing photos soon. (Yes!!)


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