Marcy's 22" Mystery Doll 

UPDATE 2012 - 1950's Sears Happi-Time Doll. Ideal manufactured the Doll For Sears.)

PREVIOUS COMMENTS 2009: We are asking anyone who see this doll if they should by any chance have a doll  like this or know about her, please contact us to let us know what her name is.  Please put "MYSTERY DOLL" (In Capital Letters) on the subject line.  We receive lots of email and we will spot yours first.

We thought at first that she might be a Sweet Sue with vinyl arms but now that we have her the arms look to be plastic in texture and by the way the arm is formed at the torso connection.  We cannot, nor can her owner figure out why the arms collapsed in this way...the rest of the body was not harmed.  This little doll is so very special to her owner as she remembers getting her when she was young. She also remembers calling her "Susan".  She so wants her restored so much and we are willing to make her dream come true.  We have been approved to replace the arms and hair so check back with us on all the repairs this loved doll will be undertaking in the weeks to come. (And Pray that we can do it..she is a challenge for us.)


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Cannot repair eyes without cutting vinyl..So polished and repaired them on the outside. This job has made repairing our Saucy Walker eyes a breeze and highly preferable to us. This doll is not a Saucy Walker but she is a Perfect Walker.  We are considering making a video to show you.  Not sure yet. Re-stuffed vinyl head with new stuffing. Her Mommy wanted a new wig..Her own hair was very thin.  We can do re-plugging but don't even ask us for the fee cost....Always available to have that done later. However by the time we have her finished, who would want to change her?  Mommy in no way is planning to sell her anyway.
Will paint whites of eyes next session with special extra shiny paint.  Re-blushing of face.  Face was cleaned to remove most spots. Body Sanded and all seams repaired and painted. Created both shelves inside torso to prevent arms turning full circle.  Patched holes also.
Plastic patching and painting done only on seams and back patches. The tiny crack at the knee joint was patched..However, we took it off because when the knee bends off comes the patch..We could overcome that but the little missing plastic is not anything major to her future knee bending. UPDATE: Decided to replace the replacement arms with arms not painted..I hate painting on plastic Dolls.  Hum? Now what do I do with these? giggle... Anyone need painted Saucy Walker Arms cheap ($15.00)???
 Her little sister Tiny Tears is next during that time of waiting for Mystery to dry completely.  Mommy wants them home before August 17th which is her birthday.  This doll's new life is Mommy's Birthday Present from her very kind husband. ( Bet we get them in her arms before August 17th..What do you think? Way, Way, before.)
Okay, tried four times at this.  Does anyone know how hard it is to repair and paint the whites of doll eyes while still in head? (arg)   Now have to connect her head to body, Put new replacement of the replacement arms (not showing here yet) on and touch up the re-blushing. What a time she and I had. But regardless of painted whites, she will be beautiful to her Mommy.

Another set of arms but this set had a missing finger top..But we took care of that.


<------Now there is a top.  Little more Saucy Paint and it will be just fine.
Neck plate needed tightning because the head was very wobbly.  Inside..Dirty. Now inside under the neck plate is clean.  Makes Me feel better anyway.
 We connected the plate to the body once again but we did other things too.   



Happy Birthday Marcy.  She will always carry this greeting inside her head.    I filled in the hole with hard plastic compound to help keep head more stable. Then put the compound on top of the pointed connection to cap it and secure the plate even more.
<---Isn't she beautiful?

Little ribbon pretty around her waist to cover the elastic on petticoat  photos.  Check out the bows on her shoes..Nice huh?




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