Katherine's Saucy Walker 22" passed to her by her mother.  She wants her to be made like a new doll so she can hand her down to her own daughter.  We have made her beautiful and she walks like a dream.

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Each major part is marked with the owner's name. The eyes were unclamped and re-clamped lower to move the eyes closer to the eye socket. What is so aggravating is if the Factory had done this to begin with there would have been no problem with her eyes.  The factory had the eyes too far away from the socket and caused them to roll and sink.  Our preventative platforms are installed and drying over night.  Then more work tomorrow.

She is sitting at an angle causing her eye lids to show.  They will level out once she is on a level surface.

Dr. Hubby will apply her new eye shadow tomorrow.  We hate taking the original off.  We found that the factory made the shadow that way.  The right eye was not rubbed off after all.  Just gives her a cute expression.

Dr. Hubby will be checking out her walking mechanism and she will walk wonderfully.

Eye Shadow and Blushing Done

Body Sanded and Blushed. Walks like a dream.




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