Here is Judith's doll SUSAN BETH 23 1/2 to 24" HORSMAN 1958 Baby Doll that was bought long ago by her loving mother.   She will be brought back to like new body wise.  Come back often to our Doll Hospital and view her progress.  Please see our request below:

Thank you for your Interest.

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Eyes incased in vinyl.

<-----Her mad at me.


Dr. Hubby wants to go inside the neck and try to push out the side that is caved in.  We will succeed in it somehow.

Little Bit of Heat and an old clean shirt stuffed inside and there ya go!

Full Tummy And A New Leg And Foot!  Airbrushing and blushing next.

These eyes are actually dark, dark blue. Parts "Leg Doll" Eye was not hazed..just soap on it from bathtub. Perfect eyes!

The other doll did not have drinking tube like yours.

Taken late at night.  Looks darker and paint still wet. Color matches original eyebrows.  Will be feathering the hair around the face later on.  She is looking like a real baby now. Different rooms, different artificial lighting.  See the difference? She looks so sad below.

We copied the color from the good parts doll here made by Horsman that has the identical head mold and hair but our parts doll was in a bathtub a lot also.  Paint a bit faded on her also.  Feathering the hair around the face and sides will make it look more real.  Have to wait a day or so to make sure it is dry, then we will seal it.

I bought these today along with lil yellow satin roses like Lois put on her slip and panties.  These are all white, no color in them. Maybe one yellow flower on top in the middle circle of each bootie?

Hair feathered the best I could, Not perfect but Dr. Hubby does not have the paint mixture anymore. At least she does not appear to have had her hair dyed and left a dyeing area around her hair line...giggle  A Bonnet would be nice.

She has a birth mark on her cheek.  We did everything we knew how to get it off but decided not to ruin her trying as she is definitely your Susan Beth, No Doubt about it.







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