Here is Judith's 22" Saucy Walker from IDEAL. Named: Eva Marie.   She will be brought back to like new body wise.  Her clothing came to us on her and we will do all we can to brighten them up.  We know that IDEAL did not sell the Saucy Walker dolls in the clothing she has but if the family thinks so then possibly IDEAL must have dressed her in a special way for a special person way back then.  We place this Saucy anywhere from 1953 - 1955. We are thinking the huge panties are replacement from another doll because once again, Saucy Walker dolls have a large tummy and panties do not fit them well so the Onesie was used on most all Saucy Walker dolls from the factory.  There is a uniform that goes with this lace dress from what I hear.  The important thing for us to do is to get her body and eyes and walking mechanics like new and that is what we will accomplish one day soon.

Judith Ordered a Replica Dress for her from Lois ( So Much Better!!

Thank you for your Interest.


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Body Sanded to bring out a softer look to the plastic.  Patched Seams and Splits, Secured Mute Crier, No Rattle... Walks very easily almost like floating and head turns with each step. Simply hold her hand or wrist to walk her.  To get eyes to flirt from side to side you need to lean her from side to side like she was designed.  Head has new thicker/wide surgical elastic attached to her neck plate so the head should never have a problem staying attached for the next 59 years in Display.  Great for posing the head as well.  Hair bows are stiffened for display also.  Her eyes are still factory clamped which gives her more market value. Our invented platforms are installed to prevent sinking, rolling and crossing.  Because we do not know how she is handled once she leaves us we cannot guarantee they will always work...however, our own doll was dropped on her head by accident on concrete and her eyes stayed perfect. Because  it is more important to have thick elastic than thin holding her head on, her eyes do not close completely when you lay her down because eye weight rests on the elastic from the lack of space inside that area.   If you need her eyes open from laying her down...gently thump her feet on a flat surface while she is standing up...they open back up every time.  Finished Body Restoration.

A Lil Beauty! Eye Shadow and Cheeks

Socks stiffened to not fall down later.


Someone attached by hand the elastic to hold up the huge panties.



You can see the metal is too bent. 

 Here is the better view

He bent it more into a straighter "U" Then because he could not get his soldering gun hot enough, he used another doll's perfect rod and U shaped metal piece that holds the legs into place in the photo on the right.  Sealed the crotch area.

He is better at finding almost unseen splits and cracks than I do when taking before photos.  He never lets a doll go until they are solid and working properly.  He sealed them all with plastic compound on the inside also.

Next photos will be of her body put back together and on her doll stand.  She will have her own shoes on because I have cleaned her Cinderella shoes and rayon socks. Next she will get ready for her lace dress finishing photos soon. Should we wait on the Onesie?  Not necessary because we will not be lifting lil lace dress up. But is she is not going to be in another dress later here, we will wait on the Onesie.  We can send the invoice for her completed restored body once you see her nude and finished above.  Then we can take lace dress photos soon and then wait on other replica dress and then take those photos.  We can also wait on uniform if Lois is making one.  By the time all that is accomplished you should be back home to receive her at the end of this month.  I will of course wait on uniform while she has the lace dress on first but will post the lace dress photos while waiting.  Then take the photos of her uniform over her lace dress before I change her into her new dress. 

(She is now all together on her stand and drying...What a difference In Eva Marie!!)  Photos later.







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