This is "Sally" above, a 22" IDEAL TOY CORP Saucy Walker Doll.  Her Mommy is Glenda who has waited to see her baby "Like New" and now is.  Her new sister is the 22" Saucy Walker we sold recently and she too has waited on Sally.  Here is her new sister:

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After this photo I repaired the eyes.  They were slipping off the metal tabs making them look wacky like in this photo.  Good thing she got here before both of them slipped off permanently. Next is eye polishing then platform installation.  Will take an entire day to complete.

We decided not to remove the two deep spot marks as you do not want her face completely painted.  They are not that bad and she will remain original this way.  Her face has been sealed with a matte sealer.  More information below on several photos.
Stay tuned, lots more work ahead.

Sally is sopping and dripping wet now and smells good. Braids re-styled. The vintage saran wig in the photo is identical to her hair and that is where I will cut the swatch of hair for her new banana bangs.





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