Gail's 22" Saucy Walker Doll #2 by: Ideal Toy Corp. 


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  The Head has been glued to the neck plate.
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We had tried numerous times to get the head off without having to use the heating method.  I made one more attempt and prayed for God to help me the the little knife I had that had not worked prior to this morning.  I was determined and then it popped off and shocked me out of my wits.  Thank You Lord!  Now I can finally begin the eye repair.  Photos coming later.
We discovered that the lashes were crooked and short so we extended them by pushing the excess lash that was on the inside of each socket, then re-glued them down once again.  Much longer and not so crooked now as you can see in the photo above.  The longer the lashes the more the eyes do not tend to want to roll up.  We always install our preventatives inside the head to keep the eyes from rolling but the longer eye lashes are a plus.

To the right you will see that we have applied only the first coat of paint to the eye socket (lids) as they were scratched and not so attractive.  We will apply two more coats then let dry for three days before we continue with the eye repair.  Also you can see that the eyes balls are drying with a coat of polish on them as they will be polished once they are dry.  The red that appears on all Saucy Walker eyeballs will not show.  That is the residue from the glue applied to the eye lashes up inside the socket that has leaked on to the eye ball. Some of it will come off during the polishing process.

Hi Mommy!! Got my eyes in again and repaired with all the preventative platforms to keep them from rolling, sinking or crossing!!  I have a bunch of Vaseline on my mouth because tomorrow Dr. Hubby will be "Air Brushing" my face with a Saucy Satin bend paint to fix all the scratches on my forehead and face.  Then he will blush my cheeks and put back my eye shadow.  They will photograph me when I go through surgery or after I am finished,  They are so busy with all my friends here too.  I have not seen these friends since the 50's.  They are fun to play with. Aren't my eye lashes prettier Mommy?  Longer too.
Here she isw before her make-up session.
Then comes the green protective clay.  She is a little Irish Alien?  And then the fan treatment to dry her base coat quickly for her blushing and eye shadow session.  More later.  Drying time will be a while.  Dr. Hubby is disappearing many, many body cracks before he paints the body. His invented technique is now in progress.  She will look like a new doll!
Don't miss this "Dr. Hubby Doll Miracle" Click on each image . 12-20-09
Not a sign of all the splits and cracks that this doll had.  There was another large crack on her towards her tummy area that was not even photographed and it is gone as well. Amazing.
12-26-09 Hi Gail:  Instead of two photos I made the one her head is not attached yet but will be tomorrow more than likely and then I will  have her finished within a few more days looks like.  Oh how Pretty she is and will be a charmer.  Just look at that face!! Her body is PERFECT now and we will take a video once she is completed.  She walks like a dream.  Blushing ALWAYS looks brighter in the photos than in the real.  Never understood why but it does anyway.


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