Elaine's Childhood RARE "Rita" Doll That Finally Has A Gorgeous  Body. 

  As a small child,  Elaine owned a Rita doll that had the hard face, not the vinyl face as shown above.  Her cherished doll had broken so her parents took the doll back to get it restored and Rita was sad that they replaced her cherished doll with one that had this vinyl head instead of the hard plastic head.  As time went by the body on her replaced Rita doll had disintegrated and she gave that body a burial and almost made the mistake of burying the head above with it.  Since then, as an older adult she has been happy that she did keep the doll's head because this head was all she had left of her doll.  Elaine had given up on ever seeing her doll finally have another body and restored until she asked us.  Dr. Hubby agreed immediately and told her it would take quite a lot of work and time to invent a way to connect the head with this body.  HE DID IT!!! See Below.

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Elaine:  Dr. Hubby finally created the pieces with hard plastic from a mold that he made for your Baby that is needed to connect her head.  What a miracle!!!  He has been mentally figuring this out for quite sometime and it took another doll we had to give him the plan.  This will remain our secret but what you are seeing in the photo above to us are two little miracles to make her PERFECT!!!  The black pieces will not be seen and they will be inside her once he is finished.  This doll will be gorgeous as he now has decided to go ahead and Air Brush her because we feel that you have been waiting many years for this miracle and we do not want to send this doll back to you with permanent spots on her body.  We will just add it to your balance and you pay when you want to.  My next step since he needed her head these past weeks is to finally wash her hair and curl it and then he will blush her cheeks so very lightly for color.  Her eyes are so gorgeous!!!  We have worked straight through Christmas having to remind ourselves as we worked, that it was actually Christmas and also these next two days.  I WILL have the brunette ready today or tomorrow and send you the shipping amount. (I promise you!!)  We went through a pretty bad blizzard here and the Internet kept going on and off so forgive the delays.




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