Here is Diana's childhood 22" IDEAL Saucy Walker Doll.  She has sent all the gorgeous finishing supplies with her and this doll will be fabulous once we are finished.

Thank you for your Interest.

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The spring in her left leg had fallen into the leg. See these three photos above and below  Dr. Hubby had to open a hole at the top of the leg to reconnect that spring for her leg to walk properly.  Now the wire you see coming out of the top of the leg is back in place as it should be.

Her body has been sanded and blushing applied to knees and hands and a sealer applied over the blushing.  Keeps the doll more original when not having a full body painted.  NICE BODY!  Walks wonderfully.  By The Way...No More Fingernail polish in site and no polish on toes either.  Lil temp shoes are on her to keep her from sliding off the stand base.

Head is next and will take much longer to accomplish.  

Stay - tuned for more photos later.

Her original metal eye sockets containing the lashes which you can see that the one on the left is sparse.  We are replacing and installing two metal eye sockets from another 22" Saucy Walker Doll By IDEAL with the better lashes.  The eyeballs from Diana's doll will fit nicely into the replacement metal sockets. 

 We will soon be polishing the eyeballs and making them shine before we re-insert them into the replacement metal eye sockets and then through the neck opening and clamp them back in place.  Before we re-install the eyes we will clean the head and lips and prepare her for blushing and eye shadow. We will also rid the little scratch on her chin.

<---Replacement of a parts SW Metal eye globes with brownish lashes ready to put in.  Eyes machine polished and sparkling.  Lips repainted and shiny.  Next is to clamp the eyes back in and install the preventative eye platforms to prevent rolling..  Although she has her own cheek blushing we decided that it is very faint as well as her eye shadow and to bring a bit of rejuvenated color back in to her face we would like to refresh the make-up in those areas only.  We will also try to rid the scratch on her chin and the scrape on the end of her nose.  Let us know is there is any problem with those plans.  God Bless!  Hope you trip is a safe one.

Right after I talked with you on the phone...Perfectionist us noticed an over spray around her right eye....I almost cried! So we have been working on it and Dr. Hubby will be solving it tomorrow but she will end up as beautiful as this and more.   Blushing always looks darker in photos but wow this baby is going to be like night and day,  Saucy Walker's were also known to have red dots in the inside corners of their eyes.  Yours are missing hers...Do you want them?  

No more glue glob on her forehead. we scrubbed and scrubbed till we got it off FINALLY.  He air brushed the forehead and the chin and the nose and cheeks.  She looks great!

 In the 60's I was the High School singer and before I could go out on stage the make-up person always put those silly red dots in the corner of my eyes to make them not look crossed from a distance.  Wow, such things they come up with.  I am sure they got the idea from the 50's.  But anyway, the most 22" Saucy Walkers have them.  Have a safe trip. God Bless!!!







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