Here is Cheryl's Baby 22" IMPCO that she adores. She is the version of IMPCO Dolls without the teeth. This doll and the thoughts of her being fixed up like new got her through a bad surgery.  She dearly loves this doll. So we will be doing all we can to bring about a wish for her baby that she has had for quite a long while.  Something tells me that I do think we can do this.


Such a little girl she turned out to be!  Big hair and all!!  Cheryl, we pray she will bless you with many smiles to come.  She no longer looks tired and old but young and beautiful.  Lois ( made her dress and Onesie.  I love this replica dress!  Her little pink shoes are 50 year old vinyl shoes of that era. The socks are new and straight as back then they had no lace socks.  She could not walk when we got her, now she walks PERFECT.  Because of the warped neck that we took a chance to heat up and repair, it fits great on her neck plate now but the lower than usual chin area keeps the head from turning with each step.  Her head is strung with a strong elastic band so posing her head in different angles is great for display purposes so don't be afraid to move her head at all.  Love the child like poses of these type dolls.

As you know her body now is wonderful and all seams are smooth like the Saucy Walkers made by IDEAL.  IMPCO did not smooth the rigid seams of many of the dolls but this one is now perfect on her torso and legs.  Her crier that did not work was too small and was causing a rattle so we will send it to you as we took it out instead of sealing it down.  To replace criers in these dolls you have to cut them in half to be able to place them inside.  I KNOW you would not want that.

Enjoy your Baby now with a new "Ready For Display" life.  God Bless!!

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 FINISHING PHOTOS -Clothing Will Come Next.

The neck opening is warped into an oval

Her chin lower on her left side.

As you can see the problem you were having before thinking the neck plate was warped.  It was actually her chin area that is warped.  See how low it is on her left side?  Also Dr. Hubby sanded the scuffing real quickly one day when he was checking her over.  He wanted to see if the scuffs would come off and they did. If we decide not to paint her he will sand her all over to bring out the soft look to the plastic.  However, from what I see, she needs a full body painting because of the difference in her color torso compared to legs and the spot below where the paint has been rubbed off.

Original rubber band.

Lil Spot on leg shows to be paint has rubbed off.


The photos above:  He did it...he straightened out the chin area a little.  Enough to not notice like before,  He head fits on the neck plate fine.  All of these dolls showed a little neck plate in the back.  Keeps them from looking like stiff soldiers when you can pose the heads.

Someone had put a cardboard insert at the neck plate inside the torso as shown above. It should be a metal one.  Also we noticed her side seams were heavily glued.  She has been taken completely apart before.  Dr. Hubby just moments ago got rid of the ridges and the signs of glue. YES!

What he is doing now....He found that someone had spray painted her so he is sanding off all of her rough spots on both of her sides and everywhere and the old spray paint as well.  It is amazing the difference in her.  Impco dolls are some of them very rough along the seams with ridges on them, this doll will be smooth like an Ideal Saucy.  The plastic is already looking soft and gorgeous without paint. I already have her wig on but waiting on the spotted glue to dry so I can style it. It is a curly and wavy wig, very childlike. Will have a hair bow of hair bows in pink or white. Possibly white.  

Smooth as a baby now. No ridged seams.







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