All Dolls That We Sell Or The Repair Dolls Are Intended For Display Only.

  Here is an 18 Inch Nina Ballerina that is Debra's Childhood doll.  She has many problems with her body but I am sure we can handle it.  Come back from time to time to see her improvements.

Thank you for your Interest.

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Nina's leg is perm. fixed now.  Notice the piece above that came out when the leg was taken off.  Someone had worked on her before and added the wire and to reconnect that piece would not be possible so we had to decide to make the leg sturdy but no more bending that left knee. We added new elastic to replace the rubber band.  We felt that since she will be on display with your other dolls, you would rather have her leg fixed than not so to us she looks great and I can display her with the right knee bent later in the finishing photos.  Her hips need to stay the way you see them because to disconnect her in pieces is taking a chance on ruining her and we saw another Nina doll with hips that way so because they are going to be covered, personally I would not take a chance on disconnecting her what looks to be very complicated parts above the hips.

Also: Dr. Hubby still needs to sand the body and get her more fresh appearing I will be also trying to lighten her arms only if possible.   Her face and hair and cleaning of the eyes to make them shine is the last things we will accomplish soon. We are trying to reserve the blushing and with a little wet testing we managed to remove that black mark off her right cheek.  So far so good.  I have a feeling this doll will look "Dynamite" once we are finished.





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