Here is "Joyce" (Named after the Aunt that gave Debra the doll) This is Debra's childhood doll since the age of 4 years old. She is a 1950s Saucy Walker look a like, 22" tall, all hard plastic, jointed walker body, wigged (usually in braids), sleep eyes, with a heart shaped tummy grill for the crier in tummy, marked on neck: symbol of a triangle made by Characteristics Doll Co.


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<---Joyce has begun her 

little journey to being 

made like new.

We were out of town 

but managed to get her 

ready to begin.

New Photos 

coming as we make progress.

Cleaned her eyes and was going to brighten the lips until Dr. Hubby told me that her face needs base air brushing.  He will be sanding it first.  He wants to get rid of the spot on her nose.  So I put a piece of clear plastic inside her mouth to protect the felt and then clay over that as you can see. He also will be air brushing the doll's body because of so many patching places he showed in his photos. Face and body will match.  I do hope this doll will be intended for display and no child playing with her. More laterrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Base Painted all over the face except for eyebrows and lower lashes.So far I have never seen one of these dolls look as beautiful as this Dr. Hubby is hoping you will think the same.

She almost looks like an Ideal SW.







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