This is Cindy's Sister Doll that we want to restore back to the way her sister remembers before her passing.  Lois has been asked to duplicate the little dress that was on her.

Stay Tuned...Much work ahead.


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"We Do All The Work So You Don't Have To!"




Sister who is looking down from heaven is very happy to see her the way she looked when she first got her.

Her lips shine, her hair has been salvaged and cleaned, her makeup is exactly the way Sister remembers her as it is original even down to the little spots here and there that Sister caused as a child.

Her eyes were hazed and we machine polished them the best we could to bring back a tiny bit of shine but they are still adorable,  All eye platforms have been installed and her bows are stiffened for display.

When her dress is here then we will take more photos and post them above.  We are finished with our part of the restoration.

God Bless!!




Walks Wonderfully. Sanded For A Soft Look...Nail Polish Sealed To Stay On Forever In The Loving Memory Of Your Sister.

Face cleaned, lips shined hair washed and re-styled back to the way she appeared when new except for the banana bangs and I will accomplish that when they are dry.  Eyes next and preventative platforms.  She was one of the 1951-52 Saucy Walker dolls that had the best eyes IDEAL ever made with the white pivoting eye stem.  Making the eyes move very, very easily.

Stay tuned, lots more work ahead.




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