This is Cindy's childhood doll.  She is very excited about getting her restored.  We will be duplicating the "Logo Doll" Look for her. 

My Doll on the right, except Cindy's baby will have brown hair, not the strawberry blonde.

She will be thrilled!

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Now she is finally ready.

Protecting her air brushing paint.


Restoration Photos to come later. We will contact you.


Old wig off and eyes out in line to be cleaned and polished later. She has the pivoting white stems on her eyes and you are so fortunate.  These type eyes were the best IDEAL ever made in the earlier years.

Dr, Hubby has repaired seams and airbrushed her body and held the pieces together for the photo.  They were dry and now awaiting blushing on the hands and knees also later. All the red is now gone.

Cindy...Her wig is GORGEOUS in brown.  I really do love it.  This is the first time I have seen that style in that beautiful brown.  Once I have her eyes finished and the preventative platforms installed in her head for future eye protection, I will be applying her wig.  I am anxious to have you see it on her.  Hopefully her dress will be here by then and we can get her ready soon.  If the dress takes much longer I am considering just using my new dress I had made for our "Logo" doll that we never got around to her restoration at present.  I will just replace our identical white "Logo Doll" dress with the one we ordered for you. This will get her home faster to you.  Time will tell. but in the meanwhile we will continue to complete her body restoration.

What a little Sweetie she is...In the above 4 photos her head is attached to a temporary body while we wait for yours to dry and blushing added.  This body actually is the body for our next Saucy Walker with thick original saran braided hair and Blonde hair at that.  We will be listing her for sale soon. That body is all original (not airbrushed) but restored already by Dr. Hubby.   The blonde doll would make a great sister for yours. 

(Just hinting, that's all...giggle)

Anyway....your Baby's lil eyes were pretty badly hazed and I brought them back to a shine at lease 75%.  All of the preventative platforms are installed.  Her yes move so easily.  Love them.  Her lil lashes are gorgeous. I washed her head with anti-bacterial before I began the work. I shined her mouth to make it brighter.  The first photo above is about what she looks like in the real...maybe a bit darker in the photo, not real sure yet.  The other photos are with flash and the flash on the camera tends to darken the hair even more

We look to have her completed in the next two days MAYBE.  Depending on Dr. Hubby.  He mainly works here on the weekends (He is an Instructor at Halliburton during the week) but told me he would put her back together tonight and blush her knees and hands.

Let me know what you think.  Have not heard from you in a while.





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