Here is Bonny On the left of The Disney Saucy Walker Doll.  She is a 19" IMPCO doll that needs our help.  She belongs to a good friends of our named Sharon.  She looks sad in this photo but one day soon, she will be looking happy and like new again.  She is on a temporary doll stand as she waits for her new Kaiser Doll stand to come in for her to use instead.   You cannot see it in this photo but her wig had a very bad factory imperfection that we are correcting.  See the photos below to see what it looks like and how we are repairing it as it should be. 

Thank you for your Interest.

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More photos coming for Bonny Sue's new Sister that has been adopted by her Mommy. Bonny's new sister's name is Sheryl Elaine.  What a coinsidence??

Her Mommy calls the two of the "Twins", actually Bonny Sue is older and now going to school.

19 Inch IMPCO Sheryl Elaine has not been registered in school yet so she will get to stay home and play with the younger sister Abby and go for rides with Mommy.

Sheryl will appear here together with Bonny soon.

<--- So This is Lil Sister Sheryl Elaine.  Cute as a button.  Lets see how they get along now.  Looks like she is wearing Bonny's best dress too...OH OH.

 Have This feeling something is about to happen???

Hum?  Lil Sheryl wanted the school bag looks like and Bonny took Lil Sheryl's purse.  Oh My!

OH, OH...Bonny must be mad!

Looks like Bonny forgave her new lil sister but then, she wants her pink dress back.  Mommy has to take over now.  They will be sent home soon! 



(wonder how they will get along in the same shipping box on the way back home? Yikes!)

So Mommy...if their hair is a mess and the clothing torn, we did not do it!  Photos are our proof!!!


Someone had twisted the head on this doll behind owners back so much so that her band snapped and when turned in a certain direction, these lashes immediately went back up inside her head from the broken band laying on the top of the warped neck plate.  Very eerie until I found out the reason.  One eye is now with too curly an eyelash and we will be working to tame it back in place hopefully. 

Someone at the factory was asleep in Quality Control at the sewing machine.  That gathering up of scalp cap was actually sewn to the hair and this is the way the doll was sold.  UNBELIEVABLE!!


Took hours to carefully take out each stitching. And more hours to hand stitch them in the proper place soon.  This is Mohair and we will be cleaning it the correct way thanks to our friend Michele at:  (  One professional lady, thank God for her.  We will apply a temp plastic around the dried scalp cap to keep water from touching it.  We will not be rolling the mohair but will take one section at a time and cleaning it, then conditioning it and letting it drip dry, then once it is dry we will gently comb it into place and then spend most of the day hand stitching the hair to the scalp cap as the dolls looked when they were sold.  To do this procedure is an extra large fee coupled with our Package "A" incase others have this same problem.  Again we remind all owners who love their childhood doll that we do offer Lay-a-way.

Don't Worry Mommy, It Is Fun! My Hair is not tangled anymore nor lumpy!

First shampoo'd Bangs, Conditioned, Rinsed them put up in sponge roller tight. The second photo all of hair on side and back is soaking in conditioner.

Above here first photo is hair drying after rinsing.  Second photo shows a plastic eye guard over the eye where the eye lash had curled up.  After a while the lash should relax and be straight instead of kinked from her eye being rolled up in her head.

Many women use their childhood dolls to decorate the season as you do in clothing, not let children play with them. Right? .  She is really going to be beautiful, I promise you. 

Wow...Dr. Hubby outdid himself on smoothing down the ridges and airbrushing her in a satin blend rather than shiny and to perfection. Now her plastic body is not inferior to IDEAL's look. HA!  Blushing will be done in a matter of days now when he comes in from his regular job.

Her head is waiting for me now to take the hours to sew the hair to the scalp cap.  Her hair has been ironed and is looking good.  Might even use my porcelain flat hair straightened on it next. Lil shine here and there never hurt anything. Leaving sponge roller in for a week. will not want little kids under 15 years old playing with her too much or she will be back here right????

Just Food for re-adjusted thought.

Her stand is in now.

Take notice at how soft her plastic looks in the satin instead of the oil base paint in the below doll.  Nice huh.  Looks more real. All ridges have magically disappeared. Arms are tight and she walks like a dream!!  All this work and STILL no Evil Devil Dogs! (For those who do not know what those are.  Chocolate little cakes goodies.)

SHARON- READ THIS:  Bonny 's hair is done now. Remember this.  Her head is not attached, just thought you would like to see it on her body.  We have to lightly blush her cheeks yet.  I will be re-braiding her hair tomorrow as I think more of the hair in back needs to be over to the right braid to make the split in the back more even.  But too tired to do it tonight.  Thought I would show you the photos anyway, Remember cheeks not blushed yet and have to re-braid the hair..  

Sewing is completed THANK GOD!!


She is saying her good-byes to Susan Beth for tomorrows pick-up. Awww  How sad.  She loves her lil friends here.  She wants Mommy to buy a Big sister Saucy Walker, the Strawberry blonde one coming up soon in the new blue taffeta dress by Lois.  She needs friends her own age at home. (hint)

She is trying not to cry to get her lashes curled up again.  They finally straightened out.  Been wearing two plastic eye shields for days now.

And also They can both walk together her and her big sister Saucy Walker.  She will tell you all about her when you see her listed for sale.  She knows her. (hint)

Happen to notice longer lashes????  I put a platform for the eye weight in her to keep the eyes from rolling up in her head anymore.  Did you notice sealer on lips to make them shine more?  YEP I did!  No the film is out of focus...No red on teeth!!!!

Okay woman send Money Honey...the balance so I can send her faster...then I can pay the shipping and you send me a check for that later once I know what it is I will use my money to ship her and you send check after that to pay me back.  SAVVY?  Start writing and put in mail soon...giggle. Dr. Hubby wants his paycheck.  She is ready for blushing tomorrow, then her head goes on body and then her school bag came in today and finishing photos of her body will be taken with her hair bows in and stiffened for display and then her clothing finishing photos.  Since you use a check need to get it going now so there will not be a big waiting period for you.  Sure wish you would get a Paypal account!!

For anyone reading this.  Sharon and I are joined at the hip in knock down drag out and loving friendship across the miles.  You should see the things she says to meeeeeeee.  Make hair curl!!!  And look what I did for her Bonny!!! HA!  Well maybe not the above photos, looks like I am suffocating her...opps!  Just protection from air brushing is all.  Not killing her or anything,





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