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All Dolls That We Sell Or The Repair Dolls Are Intended For Display Only.

  Here we have two IDEAL 22" Saucy Walker Dolls.  Doll-3 (Light Hair With Braids) and Doll-4 (Darker Hair That Will Have Braids.)  The Owner "Barbara" has sent us 4 -22" Saucy Walker Dolls and the Dolls-1+2 are on another Web Page. 

There will be quite allot of work to accomplish on all 4 dolls but we have had eight at one time twice before so this should not be any harder to accomplish...Just a busy time for us, but what else is new?  As long as we can bring smiles to the hearts of women who love the dolls we give life back to then that is what really keeps us Keeping on.

Stop By Often To See Our Progress.

Thank you for your Interest.

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Barbara...She is Doll-#4 with the original hair and cheeks.  We applied the eye shadow and added the same hair color from another original wig to her banana bangs to make her original bangs beautiful and thicker.  Her body is Doll-#3 body and more valuable because of no body painting except for the blushing. Great Little Doll and she will be the next one coming home.




I had to glue a large portion of her wig at the bottom and the reason the part looks ruffled is because I have two pins temp. holding the wig in place while it dries.  Will have her eyes back in as soon as I clean them up and we add the Teflon balls to the mechanism so the flirting will work well on the preventative platforms.

Dolls # 1 and #3 Painted Eye Lids now drying.


Changing the Doll#4 Body hanging here to the Better Doll #1

Doll#1 and Doll#3 should be the first that you send the clothing for.  Thanks Barbara.

UPDATE: 9-26-11:  Dr. Hubby just finished applying a base coat for Doll #4.  Instead of the other body with the crier and no IDEAL on her back, he said it was not as in good a shape as this one hanging in the photo and this one has IDEAL on the back.  We are putting this body on #4 to make # 1 and more valuable Saucy Walker.  He will sand it for any drips...once it is dry then he will air brush it the Saucy Color.


Now she is going on the shelf to dry, then we work on the other two that have good eye lashes.





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